Slothana Rises 30% Leaving Presale Investors 70% Up – Could Sealana be the Next Meme Coin ICO to Explode?

The meme coin space is experiencing a strong end to the week after Slothana (SLOTH) rocketed over 30%.

Presale investors are now up around 70% since the token’s DEX debut.

Slothana’s rapid rise has crypto traders wondering whether the new Sealana (SEAL) meme coin could be the next joke token to break out on Solana.

How Slothana Became One of the Hottest Meme Coins on Solana

SLOTH is leading the charge in the meme coin space after an incredible debut.

After launching on DEXs last week, SLOTH’s price has rocketed to $0.0239, a 32% increase in the past day.

Those who managed to get in during Slothana’s presale at a rate of 10,000 SLOTH per 1 SOL are now sitting on gains of around 70%.

Not bad for a token with no utility or use case.

The buying frenzy has also made Slothana one of the hottest prospects in the market.

Its 24-hour spot volumes have topped $18.6 million – even higher than established meme coins like Brett (BRETT) and Grok (GROK).

Clearly, this sloth-themed token has caught the attention of “degen” investors.

And with SLOTH still only available on Raydium and Jupiter, there could be even more upside if the developers can secure listings on major CEXs.

YouTuber Cilinix Crypto seems to think so, highlighting how SLOTH is “rallying” in a recent video to his 58,000 subscribers.

Why Is SLOTH So Popular with Meme Coin Investors?

But why exactly is Slothana making so much noise?

The main reason is that it is a joke project inspired by the market’s desire for silly animal-themed tokens.

However, SLOTH puts a unique spin on this trend by focusing on the sloth rather than dogs or cats.

Hosted on Solana, Slothana has capitalized on the momentum generated by Slerf (SLERF), another sloth-themed coin that enjoyed a brief stint in the limelight.

Slothana’s team latched on to that viral energy and channeled it into an aggressively marketed presale for the SLOTH token.

That presale was a resounding success – raising over $15 million.

This level of funding helped Slothana build a strong online community right off the bat.

Since launching last week, SLOTH has amassed over 36,000 holders, according to data from

Another indicator of the token’s traction is its fully diluted market cap, currently at $49.4 million.

For context, that market cap already places SLOTH above many established meme coins.

Could Sealana Be the Next Meme Coin to Follow in Slothana’s Footsteps?

While Slothana’s price action has investors buzzing, another Solana-based project could be the next to catch fire – Sealana.

This seal-themed token puts another spin on crypto’s obsession with animal memes.

Sealana features a South Park-inspired aesthetic with its chubby seal mascot, depicted as a degen trader living off chips and tuna.

The project’s branding seems to be resonating with investors.

At the current rate of 6,900 SEAL per 1 SOL, Sealana’s presale has already raised over $360,000 from its growing online community.

Much like Slothana’s early days, Sealana is experiencing a surge of interest on social media.

Its Twitter and Telegram channels are onboarding hundreds of new members each day as hype begins to build.

On presale tracking sites like, Sealana is also ranked among the top upcoming launches across all sectors.

This endorsement highlights how the seal mascot has captured investors’ attention.

Of course, Sealana shares one other key similarity to Slothana – it has zero utility or use case.

But as Slothana demonstrated, that doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t produce exponential price gains.

If Sealana’s presale energy can translate into a Slothana-style launch, this new token could be set for an exciting few weeks ahead.

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