After Crossing 100,000 Active Users, Announces The Launch of Its Utility Token $HPLT

[PRESS RELEASE – Nicosia, Cyprus, February 14th, 2024]

Hypeloot is proud to announce that it has processed over 50 million bets for over 100,000 Users worldwide, since it’s established in 2022. Being one of the fastest growing Cryptocurrency casinos, Hypeloot releases new game modes almost every week and has experienced a recent surge in growth which is likely to accelerate.

Hypeloot adds some of the most popular Casino games but is also not afraid to add an innovative touch to the platform by developing new games that are gaining a lot of popularity, for example, the Plinko game with a 100.000X multiplier, making it the first-ever Plinko game with this high of a multiplier which is not only something innovative for the Gambling industry but also a great marketing tool as users always try to chase high multipliers.

Hypeloot’s profit and $HPLT Token

The Hypeloot team intends to do a daily buyback of the $HPLT token on the open market using the platform’s profits and burning them right after on a daily basis.

The $HPLT Presale started February 1st, at 15:00 UTC and is split into different stages in which the first investors get the cheapest possible price and are also eligible for the Hype NFTs which will be tradeable right on token launch.

40% Of the total supply will go towards Presale contributors, the rest is split between liquidity, marketing, team, airdrops and more. All Team tokens will be locked and vested on a transparent level.

Fueling The Hypeloot Ecosystem

Hypeloot is one of the only Crypto casinos offering Fiat payment gateways and all major payment providers making it easy for every user. On top of that, Hypeloot also currently offers all major Cryptocurrencies for deposits and withdrawals. Team attests that all Games are 100% provably fair with a open and transparent guide on how to check each roll, the EOS and Chainlink Blockchain hashes are being used to generate 100% randomness.

Hype NFTs

Hype NFTs are the official NFTs of ($HPLT), it will initially only be available to presale contributors, on launch, these NFTs can then be traded, bought, sold and used on for free bets, staking pools, increased rakeback and much more. These NFTs are strictly limited and will not be minted more than the given supply.

Users can browse the collection here. Numbers and Outlook

Hypeloot has generated over $1 Million in revenue in 2023 (users can see a detailed breakdown on the presale page here), given that regular slot and live casino games will be added soon, it is expected to have a significant surge in the coming weeks as this is anticipated by a lot of current users, this new addition also open the door to a lot of new user acquisition as well as higher profit per user given all the new game modes. has been audited by the industry-leading auditor Users can check the audit results here.

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Hypeloot is the source of this content. This release is for informational purposes only and does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest. Information provided about HypeLoot and its services, including online gambling and cryptocurrency betting, involves significant risks and may not be suitable for all individuals. Users should exercise caution and are encouraged to conduct their own research before participating in any gambling activities. Participation is at the user’s own risk and should be approached with financial prudence.


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