‘Bitboy’ Ben Armstrong Bids Farewell to Daily Show Amid Financial and Legal Battles

Ben Armstrong, widely known as “Bitboy,” has announced the discontinuation of his daily crypto show, bringing an end to a three-year run that garnered a significant following.

The decision comes amid financial challenges and legal battles that have been plaguing the influential crypto personality.

Financial Strain and Mounting Legal Bills

Armstrong revealed the news through an emotional 10-minute video posted on his personal YouTube channel, where he disclosed that the daily shows discussing crypto trends were no longer financially viable.

The production costs for the show were reported to be $25,000 a week, contributing to the financial strain on Armstrong’s endeavors. He also disclosed that he was dealing with monthly legal bills of approximately $100,000.

“We’re barely making it out here, guys. We’ve got lawyers coming at me from every angle,” Armstrong expressed in the video, which has accumulated 25,000 views since its release on Wednesday.

In a heartfelt farewell post on February 1, Armstrong bid goodbye to his fans, expressing gratitude for the three-year journey. “My daily crypto livestream has been my life. We had a good run. Three years. Every Monday through Friday without rare exception,” he stated.

“Holidays. Birthdays. Market crashes. Bull market tops. Epic rants. I was there with you through it all. I’ll miss you guys.” he concluded.

Bitboy’s Rise to Crypto Fame

Bitboy’s rise to fame began in 2018 when he started publishing polished price predictions and news videos, attracting tens of thousands of views with headlines like “Make IMPOSSIBLE Gains with Bitcoin SUPERCYCLE.” The content resonated with a specific corner of the crypto trading public, turning Armstrong into a prominent figure in the industry.

In mid-2023, Armstrong created his own cryptocurrency called $BEN coin, further solidifying his influence in crypto. However, his association with BitBoy ended shortly after the token’s launch due to “serious and personal allegations.” This led to a legal battle as Armstrong sued the company that owns the BitBoy brand.

The subsequent months were marked by a series of drama-filled events, including revelations of an affair with the CEO of BEN Coin and an arrest at the home of a former business partner—both occurring during a livestream. These incidents only added to the challenges Armstrong was facing, both personally and professionally.

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