Can CoinDepo Service Compete with Binance Simple Earn and Nexo Earn?

CoinDepo emerged as one of the latest and most promising additions to the decentralized finance sector. Can it compete with established champions such as Binance Simple Earn and Nexo Earn Interest products? It absolutely can, but let’s see how.

CoinDepo is a newer provider of decentralized financial services—already a known entity, but smaller compared to the titans of this industry such as the Binance crypto exchange or the Nexo platform. These have similar features, including the ability to earn interest on digital assets and lend in cryptocurrencies and stablecoins. They are, after all, the latest trends in the crypto finance sector.

But what use is CoinDepo? It has similar features, but it is smaller. So, is it worth the hassle? Can it compete with the big names? It actually can, and there is a lot to gain from working with CoinDepo. Seeing how it’s a newer provider, they are in the best position to offer the latest tools and best deals.

Earning Compound Interest Explained

Earning compound interest on crypto assets has been an incredibly popular practice in recent years. It’s essentially like opening a savings account, except with crypto—you place the funds with a financial provider and wait. It just naturally increases over time, but the conditions obviously differ from provider to provider and even within a single platform.

This strategy is perfect for crypto enthusiasts (or any sensible user, really) who seek to invest their digital assets long-term. It is a long-term investment strategy, after all. Seeing how the profits increase exponentially, it’s best to just leave your funds lying within your crypto compound interest account for as long as possible—a year at least.

Of course, it’s not a rule. You can do whatever you want and find reasonable. There’s actually a good degree of flexibility with some of these providers, especially on CoinDepo.

Top Providers: Binance, Nexo, CoinDepo

CoinDepo Compound Interest Accounts, Binance Simple Earn, and Nexo Earn Interest Product are the three top sources of compound crypto interest at the moment. They all have their own nuance, as well as unique advantages that might tip the scale in their favor. Before seeing how these three compare, a quick word about each of them.

Binance Simple Earn is one of the tools within the larger Binance ecosystem, which focuses on regularly earning interest on crypto assets without trading risks. Binance was launched in 2017 as a crypto exchange. It has now grown into a multifunctional system with many different features and tools, including the Binance Simple Earn product. It was started in 2022 and received plenty of praise from Binance regulars.

Nexo is another major cryptocurrency financial solutions provider, which started in 2018. They offer several highly acclaimed features that place it among the best solutions in the cryptocurrency market. That includes an instant purchase of crypto assets, crypto lending, compound interest solutions, as well as a crypto card option. It’s a multifaceted platform that offers a comprehensive crypto environment.

CoinDepo is an addition to the group of major financial service providers in the crypto market, launched in 2021. It’s a simple, streamlined solution that focuses largely on compound interest earning and crypto lending. Their goal is to develop these two solutions to perfection, creating a situation where these two features can work together with the utmost synchronicity. It seems that they are succeeding in their goals.

So, how do these three compare in terms of the key functions? The ability to earn interest on cryptocurrencies and stablecoins is one of the chief features of all three platforms. In each case, a separate set of interest plans and cryptocurrencies is supported. Here’s exactly what you can expect from them.

Binance Simple Earn

The Binance Simple Earn product is mostly useful to Binance regulars—people who already use this platform for crypto trading and want to incorporate the additional passive yield into their portfolio. Here you can find many different cryptocurrencies for this purpose. In fact, a good portion of Binance-supported cryptocurrencies were approved for the Simple Earn feature.

The annual interest rate (APR) is different for each cryptocurrency and can reach insane heights (like the 26.9% for the FLOKI coin). On the other hand, the APR for major cryptocurrencies and stablecoins such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT and others is comparatively low compared to the Nexo and CoinDepo platforms. As such, the main benefit of earning interest here is if you already have a valuable account on this platform and want to incorporate long-term profits into your routine. In this sense, there is a lot to gain from.

Nexo Earn Interest Product

Nexo is a multi-functional platform providing financial services for crypto assets through various tools that offer both interest earning and lending, among other things.

The platform offers a large selection of stablecoins and regular cryptocurrencies, however most of these additional coins are very minor and won’t really find much use as investment assets. Yet, there is a lot to choose from, which can’t be a downside—especially because there are also stablecoins pegged to GBP and EUR here.

The APR on Nexo can reach 16%, which isn’t bad but obviously lower than the maximum APR of 24% + compound interest on CoinDepo. The rate depends on the exact crypto asset, but there isn’t much in the way of interest payout flexibility (although various options do exist).

CoinDepo Compound Interest Accounts

CoinDepo supports both major stablecoins and regular cryptocurrencies. At the moment 3 stablecoins (USDT, USDC, DAI) and 9 cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, BNB, XRP, MATIC, LTC, BCH, AVAX, ATOM) are supported, mostly the major digital assets. The interest rate is higher on stablecoins and reaches 24% APR + compound interest. Overall, the APR is within the range of 12-24%, including all options offered.

The interest payout periods play a role in determining the interest rate of your Compound Interest Account. The more frequent it is, the lower your interest rate.  You can set interest payments every 1, 7, 30, 90, 180, or 365 days. For stablecoins, that would correspond with the yield of 18%, 18.5%, 20%, 21%, 22% and 24% APR respectively, plus the compound interest effect if you keep the interest paid in your account. For regular cryptocurrencies, the interest rate range is from 12% to 18% APR plus the effect of compound interest.

You can open several Compound Interest Accounts with different conditions for each supported asset, which is a great addition on the part of CoinDepo. It’s possible to open as many of them as you’d like. Users can instantly transfer funds between their Compound Interest Accounts and carefully manage their financial situation, which is incredible.

In addition, you can use these funds to take out a loan without a collateral account. A sum of up to 50% of the current value of your crypto portfolio at CoinDepo can be withdrawn as a loan and used however you like. You’ll obviously need to repay it, but there won’t be any interest. The APR  they already owe you will more than compensate. Together, these two features draw a fantastic financial picture.


There are unique benefits to each major platform. Naturally, they have their own limitations and advantages. While Nexo gives you a little bit of everything and Binance Simple Earn favors interest earning for Binance regulars, CoinDepo places a strong emphasis on high-yield passive earning, paired with comfortable lending services.

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