Could This New Coin Soar Like Bitcoin? BTCMTX Project Presale Raises $500,000 With New Stake-to-Mine Offer

The viral newly launched stake-to-mine token Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX) has managed to raise over $550,000 in less than a week as investors believe it has the ability to overhaul the scam-prevalent cloud mining sector.

Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX) offers the opportunity for everyday investors to start earning from cloud-based Bitcoin mining in an entirely transparent fashion.

The project also provides exceptional staking APY rewards in addition to the earnings from BTC mining.

The presale currently offers the token for $0.011, providing the opportunity to get positioned at the ground level.

Investors are rushing to the project as they believe it could soar like the price of Bitcoin.

Stake-to-Mine: Providing Clear and Transparent BTC Earnings

Bitcoin Minetrix offers a completely clear and transparent method for BTC earnings through cloud-based mining.

Investors are rushing to get positioned in this project as it combines two of the industry’s most popular themes: staking and mining.

The project offers a groundbreaking stake-to-mine concept, which allows investors to stake BTCMTX to earn Mining Credits.

The non-transferrable Mining Credits can be burnt in exchange for mining time on the cloud-based mining solution.

Users can decide how much bitcoin mining hash rate they want through the number of Mining Credits they earn.

Earnings are automatically managed through the Bitcoin Minetrix smart contract, making the entire process transparent.

Stakers are also currently earning an impressive 1,100% APY return for staking their BTCMTX in addition to the Mining Credits;

Although this handsome APY is expected to drop as more people enter the staking pool, it will still be significantly higher than traditional proof-of-stake ecosystems.

Bitcoin Minetrix is Revolutionizing the Billion-Dollar Cloud Mining Sector

Investors are keen to get positioned in Bitcoin Minetrix early as they believe it can revolutionize the billion-dollar cloud mining sector.

With a CAGR of 12.90%, the Bitcoin mining industry is expected to be valued at around $7 billion by 2032, and Bitcoin Minetrix looks to take its share of this through its decentralized solution.

Cloud mining makes crypto mining accessible to the masses without owning and maintaining expensive mining equipment.

It also allows miners to avoid the lofty electricity consumption costs and the noise pollution emitted from the machines.

However, centralized mining solutions today often exhibit questionable behavior, leaving buyers short on earnings and locking them into lengthy contracts.

Essentially, Bitcoin Minetrix is tokenizing the previously exclusive cloud mining sector plagued with consistent scams, using smart contracts to provide transparency.

As a result, the tokenization of the process ensures that end users retain complete control of their funds at every step of the process.

BTCMTX tokens can be unstaked and sold at any time, providing complete flexibility.

The ecosystem also ensures that investors don’t need to send deposits to secure mining contracts, as hash power is acquired by burning Mining Credits.

Furthermore, all of the smart contracts have been fully audited by Coinsult – one of the industry’s most highly respected security firms.

It seems that high-profile analysts are starting to note the potential profit from BTCMTX.

For example, Michael Wrubel, a YouTuber with over 350,000 subscribers, recently released a protocol breakdown stating he is incredibly bullish on its future.

BTCMTX Presale Continues to Fly: Discounted Prices Limited Time Only

After crossing the $550,000 milestone, the BTCMTX presale continues to fly with discounted first-stage presale prices only offered for a limited time.

The first stage of the presale is selling the token at a price of $0.011, providing the opportunity to get positioned in the BTC mining solution at a cost of pennies.

The token distribution favors investors, as the majority of the supply will be in their hands.

For example, 70% of the 4 billion supply will be sold during the presale phases, providing them a strong influence over the project’s future growth.

12.5% of the total supply is also reserved for staking rewards.

By the end of the presale, the price could have increased to $0.0119 – representing an 8% hike.

Getting positioned in the presale is extremely easy. Just head over to the website and purchase BTCMTX by swapping ETH, BNB, or USDT.

There’s a $10 minimum investment, and investors can also make the purchase with a credit/debit card.

Users can stay updated on the project’s progress through the Bitcoin Minetrix Telegram channel or follow the official X (formerly Twitter) account.

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