Cryptic Tweets from Major Exchange Get Ripple (XRP) Users Excited: Details


  • Gemini’s recent tweets about XRP led to widespread speculation among the cryptocurrency community.
  • A cryptic riddle posted by the firm intensified the hypothesis, with many anticipating an XRP-related announcement.

The cryptocurrency exchange Gemini sparked a speculative frenzy after posting a series of tweets related to Ripple’s XRP.

The posts included phrases like “Don’t forget about xrp,” “xcited about xrp,” and xrriving shortly,” allowing the community to guess what move might be on the horizon.

Some assumed that Gemini might introduce new services involving the cryptocurrency, while others suggested that the interaction on X could be a precursor for a spot XRP ETF filed with a European partner.

Recall that the exchange recently received approval to operate as a Digital Asset Service Provider (DASP) in France. It also serves as a custodian for VanEck’s newly launched spot Bitcoin ETF. 

The XRP army (a term indicating the group of supporters and investors of the coin) also noted that Gemini released similar cryptic posts in August last year – a month after Ripple secured its first partial court victory against the US SEC.

Shortly after, the exchange allowed customers to deposit XRP tokens on the platform. Other trading venues that re-listed the asset at that time were Kraken, Coinbase,, Bitstamp, and more.

Earlier today (January 22), Gemini posted a riddle on X, depicting something that is “swift and small” in “the land of giants.” 

Can you solve this riddle?

In the land of giants, I’m swift and small, when I run I don’t stall. Across borders, I freely roam, in markets near and far from home. What am I?

The answer will be posted in 24 hours.

— Gemini (@Gemini) January 22, 2024

Most guesses once again pointed out to XRP, with Gemini promising to reveal the answer within 24 hours.

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