Crypto Firm Copper’s London Party Raises Eyebrows Over Sushi Served on Models

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Copper's Party Raises Eyebrows Over Sushi Served on Models

Crypto custody firm Copper reportedly threw a London party where attendees were served sushi off two partially-clad models.

The Financial Times reported Wednesday that the private function, dubbed “The Copper Experience,” was held last week. The venue for this event, held after the Digital Assets Summit 2024, was the 5-star Mandrake Hotel in London’s Fitzrovia.

Per an image the FT obtained, a red-lacquered dining room reportedly featured two individuals in minimal attire positioned on a long table, with sushi served directly on their bodies.

The outlet said that the after-party invitation promised a multi-sensory experience: “Attendees will be able to entertain and explore all five senses.”

Copper didn’t return Cryptonews’ request for comment by press time.

A senior Copper employee told the FT that having scantily clad people was not the typical party set-up. They added that: “Crypto is getting a lot more civilized, so that’s not really the style.”

Regulatory Headaches in UK Led Copper to Pursue Swiss Registration

Copper specializes in digital asset custody and trading services tailored to institutional investors. Its offerings include a scalable settlement network, custody-integrated staking, and automated wallet services.

Notably, in 2023, the company appointed former UK Chancellor Philip Hammond as its chairman. He was reportedly not in attendance at the controversial event.

Facing challenges in obtaining approval from the UK’s financial regulatory authority, Copper withdrew its application to operate in the country in 2022. Instead, it shifted focus toward securing registration in Switzerland.

Male-Dominated Culture in Industry Underlines Concerns Over Event

An insider close to the company described the situation as more akin to flamboyant performance art than anything salacious. They also revealed that the models were a man and woman, clad in swimwear.

The practice of serving sushi off semi-clad bodies, known as nyotaimori, has gained attention in Western countries as an exotic cultural experience inspired by Japanese traditions. This tradition, although available in certain Western locations, remains on the fringes, even within Japan’s expansive erotic entertainment industry.

Despite its occasional portrayal in media and popular culture, nyotaimori dinners are not widely adopted. They are also not considered a commonplace practice, either in Japan or Western societies.

The FT highlighted concerns around a prevalent culture of “crypto bros,” characterized by male dominance in major companies, as a persistent issue. This culture has been linked to governance failures, exemplified by the collapse of exchanges like FTX.

Hosting a Nyotaimori dinner, which is seen as potentially objectifying, may be viewed as perpetuating this problematic culture and further highlighting governance shortcomings within the industry.

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