Dogecoin20 Meme Crypto Project Announces IEO, Claim Date – April 18 10am UTC

After immense presale success, Dogecoin20 now looks toward its IEO, set to take place on Doge Day (April 20).

The team has also just announced an adjusted presale token claim date, bringing it forward due to overwhelming demand. It will now occur on April 18.

Dogecoin20’s presale is now sold out, but investors can purchase on launch day before exchange listings from the website.

How to Claim Dogecoin20 Token

For Dogecoin20 presale buyers, employing best security practices amid the token claim event is crucial.

Given the presale’s spectacular success, the campaign is surrounded by a great deal of hype, which is likely to attract the attention of bad actors and impersonators who will try to scam users.

Therefore, several security principles must be followed. Firstly, presale buyers should only click links from the official Dogecoin20 social media channels.

You can find the official channels links below:



Also, be aware that bad actors may impersonate the official Dogecoin20 social media accounts and could DM you or reply to the official Dogecoin20 tweets.

The Dogecoin20 team will never direct message you first. If you have been messaged by someone claiming to be from the team, you should report the account and not click any links.

Another potential risk is that bad actors could create “copycat” tokens with the same ticker symbol and logo as the Dogecoin20 cryptocurrency. Purchasing these tokens would result in losses, so retrieve the Dogecoin20 token address from the project’s official website.

When claiming or trading your DOGE20 tokens, it is critical to never share your seed phrase and check social media before interacting with any decentralized applications to ensure the protocol is not compromised.

And even with these steps, there remains the risk of exploits or losses. As such, you should stay vigilant and always exercise caution.

The Next Meme Coin to Watch?

Dogecoin20 has enjoyed unprecedented presale success, raising over $10 million in its first week. Now, with its exchange launch just two days away, some traders are optimistic that it is also primed for an explosive IEO.

Prominent low-cap gem hunter Jacob Bury recently covered the project in a video, speculating it could be “a new 100x potential crypto.”

Bury has been an early proponent of other uber-successful presale meme coins like Smog, which soared to over a $200 million market cap and pumped over 100x, and Sponge, which peaked at almost a $200 million market cap.

Other analysts, such as Michael Wrubel (311K YouTube subscribers) and Conor Kenny (190K YouTube subscribers), have also reviewed Dogecoin20 positively in sponsored content.

The project’s proximity to the market-leading meme coin while introducing new improvements is one reason for its hype.

Its flagship feature is a Stake-to-Earn mechanism, which incentivizes long-term holding while minimizing volatility and sell pressure.

Currently, staking provides a 45% APY, but this will decrease as more tokens are staked.

The project also boasts a capped supply of 140 billion tokens, helping inject scarcity and stave off inflation and price dilution.

It also boasts other benefits, like launching on Ethereum for improved functionality and a lesser environmental impact.

With the presale sold out, launch day (April 20) presents the last chance for investors before exchanges listings the same day.

Visit Dogecoin20 Website

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