DogWifHat Holders are Migrating To This Hidden Crypto ICO for 100x Gains

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Is it too late to buy Dogwifhat?

As its amazing run higher continues, dogwifhat (WIF) investors are migrating to a hidden crypto ICO called Sponge (SPONGE) as they seek 100x gains.

Dogwifhat pumped up over 18% on Friday as it hit fresh all-time highs above $3.18 per token.

But with a market cap of now more than $3.18 billion, some are concerning that the rally might be running out of steam.

Yes, maybe WIF can pump another 7-8x to catch up to Dogecoin’s market cap over $25 billion.

But in the meme coin world, traders tend to look down their noses at the prospect of 7-8x gains.

Meme coin traders often prefer targeting coins that offer potential gains in the region of 100x or more.

One such coin they are likely taking a look at include a hidden crypto ICO called Sponge (SPONGE).

Dogwifhat Investors Shift to Viral ICO Sponge (SPONGE)

Legendary meme coin Sponge (SPONGE), which hit a market cap of $100 million back in 2023 to hand investors 100x gains at the time, is once again in the spotlight in wake of its migration to Polygon.

Last at $0.00337, $SPONGE is up over 400% since its February 5 Polygon launch.

DogWifHat Holders are Migrating To This Hidden Crypto ICO for 100x Gains
DogWifHat Holders are Migrating To This Hidden Crypto ICO for 100x Gains

That gives the token an impressive market cap of just under $136 million, as per DEXTools.

Sponge isn’t just any old utility-lacking meme coin.

The new ICO offers a passive income opportunity and also functions as the native token of a play-to-earn (P2E) racing game.

Sponge buyers who stake their tokens can secure yields of up to 175%, as per the official Sponge website.

Meanwhile, the P2E game will see players competing against each other for ranks on a global leaderboard. Racing rewards are paid out in SPONGE V2.

But perhaps the most exciting thing about Sponge is that it’s still super early to get into the coin.

Meme coins like BonkDogwifhat, and Pepe have shown how an upstart meme coin can reach a multi-billion-dollar market cap.

The meme coin’s website is also teasing that it will soon launch on bigger and better exchanges, which could bring a wave of new buyers to $SPONGE.

Given its low market cap of $136 million, Sponge could be looking at 100x gains from here.

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