Ethereum Price Surges Past $3k to Hit 96-Week High as eTukTuk Presale Steams Ahead

Ethereum’s (ETH) progress shows no signs of slowing down, shattering investor expectations as it reaches a 96-week high.

ETH is now trading for $3,040, yet rose past $3,100 yesterday before pulling back.

While ETH’s surge grabs the headlines, some investors are keeping an eye on the rising star eTukTuk (TUK) – a disruptive presale project looking to transform transportation in developing countries.

Crypto Whales Stockpile ETH, Fueling Price Surge Past $3,100

Ethereum’s recent rise hasn’t just been down to bullish investor sentiment.

Technical indicators point to underlying strength, with the critical resistance level at $3,000 being breached for the first time since April 2022.

This upward momentum aligns with an eye-catching trend – Ethereum whales have been on an accumulation spree.

Over the weekend, the top holders amassed a staggering 170,000 ETH, worth over $514 million.

This massive vote of confidence signals that whales anticipate further gains, and their buying power is fueling Ethereum’s current surge.

The market is taking notice, with retail investors opting to follow the lead of these whales.

As a result, a self-fulfilling prophecy appears underway, pushing ETH’s price higher.

Analysts are now eyeing a daily close above $3,100, which would strengthen the bull case even more.

However, should ETH struggle to sustain above $3,100, a reversal back to $3,000 could be on the cards.

Grayscale Endorsement Propels Ethereum’s Price Rally

The optimistic outlook from Grayscale’s Will Ogden Moore on Ethereum’s prospects seems to be driving additional demand for ETH.

In his recent blog post, Moore highlighted several key tailwinds for Ethereum, including the upcoming Dencun upgrade in March and the over $2 billion in network revenue generated in 2023.

This vote of confidence from a major research firm and Moore’s emphasis on Ethereum’s maturity appear to be boosting investor sentiment.

Investors seem to be anticipating these upgrades and pricing them into ETH’s current rally.

The potential for an SEC-approved spot Ethereum ETF this year is also providing a positive catalyst for speculation.

With Grayscale giving Ethereum’s evolution a ringing endorsement, it’s adding even more momentum to ETH’s price ascent.

Whether this ascent continues remains to be seen, but with solid technicals and whale backing, the signs look positive for Ethereum.

eTukTuk Rides Bullish Market Sentiment & Raises $1.4 Million in Funding

While Ethereum’s push to 96-week highs dominates social media chatter, it’s not the only project making waves.

The eTukTuk presale is also riding high on bullish sentiment in the crypto market, raising over $1.4 million in funding.

Early investors can purchase TUK tokens for just $0.0272 during the presale – although this price will rise as more funding milestones are met.

The eTukTuk project, aiming to revolutionize transportation with electric tuk-tuks in developing countries, is attracting investors who are eager to support sustainable technology.

Moreover, given that eTukTuk’s unique model also integrates AI to optimize routes and reduce congestion, it could prove genuinely transformational for the communities it serves.

Aside from the environmental benefits, eTukTuk also features a staking protocol where presale participants can immediately begin earning rewards on their TUK tokens.

Yields are currently sitting at 167% per year – and over 30 million TUK tokens have been pledged already.

Additionally, eTukTuk’s roadmap lays out plans to launch TUK on centralized exchanges (CEXs) once the presale ends.

Early investors are already looking forward to these listings, believing they could be the catalyst for a substantial price spike, given eTukTuk’s unique features.

YouTuber Jacob Bury even speculated that TUK’s price could 10x once the token hits the open market.

So, although Ethereum is creating all the headlines, eTukTuk presents a limited-time opportunity for investors seeking exposure to a project with strong long-term potential.

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