Football Legends Back Blockchain Sports’ Groundbreaking Athlete Tokenization Initiative

[PRESS RELEASE – Dubai, UAE, May 3rd, 2024]

Blockchain Sports, an international sports project, leverages cutting-edge technologies including IoT, AI, VR, and blockchain to innovate the global football industry. The initiative was introduced at a significant event at the Coca-Cola Arena in Dubai, drawing an audience of over 5000 attendees.

The project has garnered the support of renowned football veterans such as Kevin Kuranyi, Zico, Romario, David Trezeguet, Wesley Sneijder, and Marco Materazzi, who serve as ambassadors and curators, enhancing the project’s credibility and outreach.

Dmitriy Saksonov, CEO of Blockchain Sports, along with his team, has successfully established three football academies in Brazil located in Rio De Janeiro, Acopiara, and Sobral. These academies focus on discovering and nurturing football talent from local communities. Additionally, the Brazilian government has shown their support for the project.

The core product of Blockchain Sports is Atleta Network, a layer-1 blockchain solution tailored for the sports industry. Atleta introduces a pioneering approach to athlete management through tokens representing digital versions of Blockchain Sports Academy players. This process, known as athlete tokenization, aims to create a new paradigm for a broader market participation and athlete support.

The Athlete Tokenization process includes five stages:

  • Stage 1: Talent Identification – Athletes undergo a thorough evaluation using IoT sensors during training and games, analyzing key performance metrics to determine their potential.
  • Stage 2: Trust Building – Collaboration with athletes’ organizations ensures the provision of reliable data and the transparency of the tokenization process.
  • Stage 3: Token Creation – Athletes are digitized into unique tokens using the ERC-1155 standard, establishing a digital ownership model.
  • Stage 4: Ecosystem Support – To maintain a balanced ecosystem, 20% of the tokens are made available to the public, with the remainder held in escrow to support liquidity in the marketplace.
  • Stage 5: Initial Athlete Offering (IAO) – This final stage allows the public to purchase tokens, facilitating direct support of athletes by fans.

Blockchain Sports is not just transforming athlete management but also making it easier for users to participate in the sports market while also supporting young and promising athletes outside traditional sponsorship models. The project empowers athletes with greater control over their careers and offers users new ways to connect with and support their favourite players.

Visit Blockchain Sports for more information on their academies, partnerships, and upcoming products.

Blockchain Sports is the first international sports project building the future of world football, by combining advanced IoT, AI, VR, and blockchain technologies. In three football academies located across Brazil more than 2 hundred teenage football players from low-income families are honing their football skills. Under the guidance of professional coaches and control of new technologies, these promising players are training to become the world’s top footballers within a few years.

The core component of the BCS ecosystem – is Aleta Network – the world’s first blockchain solution tailored for the sports industry. The Atleta Network can serve both enterprises and regular users. Sports organizations can use it to develop smart contracts, issue tokens, and enhance financial operations with high transparency. Users can support their favorite players’ career paths via smart contracts, buy digital collectibles of BCSports academies’ players, and get rewards for their favorite players’ professional achievements. Learn how to use the network from Atleta Whitepaper.

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