ICP Pumps 100% as $ETH Sinks Lower, $GFOX On Route to Hit $1.5 Million?

Lately, altcoins have been experiencing a notable surge in momentum, with many of these tokens outshining the industry’s top members in performance.

For example, $ICP crypto pumped massively, increasing by more than 100% over the past month, while Ethereum keeps sinking. But what also drives attention in the current market is Galaxy Fox ($GFOX), a new ICO crypto that’s about to hit $2 million in presale funds.

Galaxy Fox: What’s it All About

Investors are always on the lookout for new projects to watch. Sometimes, NFTs are a trend, and sometimes, it’s meme coins, P2E tokens, or DeFi projects that get hyped. However, the market has not seen a mix of all these yet, and Galaxy Fox is proud to present its multi-functional, hyper-deflationary P2E meme coin that also issues NFTs and works as the primary token in the unique, Fox-themed DeFi ecosystem.

The whole Galaxy Fox ecosystem is built around its classic Web3 runner game, where players choose their avatars and participate in marathons. However, the competition is tight, considering the handsome rewards the team offers.

More precisely, at every gaming season, be it weekly or monthly, Galaxy Fox Leaderboard ranks the most successful players, from which the top 20% get the opportunity to win in-game currencies from the prize pool. These in-game coins can be converted to $GFOX and generate profits for the players.

Galaxy Fox further encourages investors with a unique, 3,000 NFT collection, which will be mintable on their website and tradable on large marketplaces like Opensea. These NFTs will have their distinct features and powers inside the game, so players will use them as boosters and increase their competitive edge.

Aside from gaming and NFTs, $GFOX can also be staked, and the Stargate reward pool guarantees that everyone locking up their assets is greatly rewarded.

Currently, in the presale, $GFOX is starting its fifth stage. The price at each presale stage increases.

$ICP Price Outlook

Internet Computer is a decentralized web platform with the goal of providing a secure, trustless, and speedy internet for all. It operates using its own crypto, $ICP, which is central to running and maintaining its network and rewarding those who participate in it. The $ICP token powers network operations and encourages the development and governance of the platform.

The $ICP coin is also used to pay transaction fees, access services, and compensate developers and validators for their contributions. It has a limited supply and is designed to decrease in quantity over time, making it deflationary.

$ICP saw significant gains during the November rally, with its value increasing by over 100%. If the current bullish trend continues, the price is expected to reach a resistance level of $10 soon.

Stabilizing at this price could pave the way for the ICP to challenge its next resistance level of $12 in the upcoming week.

At the moment, $ICP is trading around $9.5. Despite some ups and downs, it shows potential for notable upward movements, deserving a spot among the best altcoins to buy.

Have $ETH Bears Taken Over?

The Ethereum price has been struggling to maintain its momentum after failing to keep up with the yearly highs of around $2,400. Despite efforts by bulls to keep the price over $2,200, new bearish trends have pushed it below these levels. The overall crypto market is showing a short-term bearish outlook, leading to expectations of a pullback for major tokens soon.

Investors are still hopeful about future trends, which has increased buying pressure. There are concerns that it might experience a significant drop once it reaches the peak of its current consolidation phase.

While Ethereum bulls are working hard to keep its price above $2,200, investors are starting to look at $GFOX as one of the projects to watch.

Learn more about $GFOX here:

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