Is the MATIC Bull Run Over? Sell-Off Looms as Price Lingers Below Key Zone

After an impressive run along with the rest of the crypto market, Polygon’s native token – MATIC – lost approximately 15% of its value over the past week dragging its price to $0.77. Experts suggest that this level is far below the crucial support zone.

If the price continues to stay below this range, there is an increased risk that these holders may begin selling to prevent substantial losses.

According to prominent crypto analyst Ali Martinez, MATIC has fallen beneath a critical supply range, ranging from $0.84 to $0.86. Within this interval, more than 14,240 addresses hold over 4.13 billion MATIC.

The analyst mentioned that should MATIC’s price persist below the designated zone, it becomes more likely that those who purchased in the range might opt to sell in order to mitigate potential losses, thereby contributing to a further decline in MATIC’s price.

$MATIC has slipped below a crucial supply zone, spanning $0.84 to $0.86. In this range, 14,240 addresses hold over 4.13 billion #MATIC.

The longer the #Polygon price remains below this zone, the higher the likelihood that these holders might start selling to avoid incurring…

— Ali (@ali_charts) November 23, 2023

The latest decline – which reduced its monthly gains to less than 30% – comes after weeks of bullish activity.

MATIC had exceeded the $0.80 threshold in November for the first time in three months, subsequently climbing to $0.96.

Several factors influenced this price action, including increased institutional interest for the asset.

Backing the surge, the MATIC holders intensified their accumulation during this period as key wallets holding 100K-10M MATIC amassed more than 42 million MATIC tokens, equivalent to over $35 million since October 24.

On the development side of things, the Polygon ecosystem is preparing for major changes as part of its recently released 2.0 roadmap, which includes the transition of MATIC token to POL.

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