Last Chance to Get Positioned in This Revolutionary Giving Project With Passive Income and 50x Potential

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With the Chimpzee (CHMPZ) presale ending soon, investors have a final chance to get involved in this revolutionary project at the early stage and at a very low price. This opportunity will help them earn passive income while also working for a positive cause.

A revolutionary way for people to earn

Chimpzee offers a revolutionary way for people to earn while saving the planet and animals.

One method is through the Chimpzee shop, where unique merchandise is available for purchase, generating passive income in the form of CHMPZ coins. Your involvement demonstrates support for battling climate change and animal cruelty. A percentage of profits also goes to charity, allowing you to contribute to a noble mission.

Investors can also earn passive income by playing Chimpzee’s Zero Tolerance Game. Efforts to stop poachers and protect forests from destruction in the game yield CHMPZ coins and additional prizes.

The Chimpzee NFT marketplace is another passive income source. The platform shares a portion of trading fees with its users. It gives the spotlight to eco-focused NFTs by showcasing them on the main page. The project team will meticulously scrutinize collections to ensure authenticity and value.

Low Price, Bonus Offers, and Giveaway

The presale presents an opportunity to purchase the token for only $0.00155 per CHMPZ. The project has attracted many investors, raising over $2.5 million in funding so far.

You can currently purchase $CHMPZ for $0.00155 in the presale.

However, those participating at this late stage can take advantage of the end-of-presale giveaway for a chance to win 1,000,000 CHMPZ tokens and a bonus of up to a 200% bonus. As a result, your buy-in price could be as low as $0.00078 or less.

You can use the calculator to see how low your cost could be with the bonus added.


Chimpzee is set to redefine the way people donate to charity through the Chimpzee eco-system as they will benefit and donate to help save the planet at the same time! 🌍

🤔Did you…

— Official Chimpzee Project (@RealChimpzee) December 5, 2023

Presale participation gives early access to the upcoming sales of Chimpzee NFT Passports, depending on the investment amount.

The tiers are labeled diamond, gold, silver, and bronze. The highest is the diamond tier, and the lowest is the bronze tier. These passports offer VIP access to any whitelist event, airdrop, and special promotions.

The tokens used to acquire Chimpzee NFT Passports are burnt, reducing the circulation supply. The burning mechanism is not just implemented during the NFT sales. Chimpzee has been regularly cutting its token supply right from the presale phase.

🚨This week will be the LAST full week of the Chimpzee presale!

We want to gather the Chimpzee Army to help us achieve this raise goal to help these forgotten animals of war torn Ukraine.🐶🐱

We have decided that instead of burning 1 Billion tokens when we achieve this goal we…

— Official Chimpzee Project (@RealChimpzee) December 4, 2023

This scarcity-creating mechanism will decrease the circulating supply by billions, increasing CHMPZ’s value.

Post-presale, the team’s priority will be announcing exchange listings for the token while continuing to build the infrastructure solutions vital for the project’s growth. Chimpzee is planning its initial listing on the P2B crypto exchange, one of Europe’s largest exchanges and will be listed on Bitmart after.

The presale ends in less than a week, presenting the best time to capitalize on this opportunity. Although still in presale, the project already has a significant impact, emphasizing the urgency of saving the planet.

Through Chimpzee, 20,000 trees have been planted to restore rainforests, to cite one of the many initiatives it has joined in the last few months.

Potential for over 50x Returns

Chimpzee has garnered substantial investor interest from those eager to back something monumental. This is evident in the over $2.5 million raised by the presale so far.

Topics and initiatives surrounding environmental and climate protection are also attracting growing global investor attention. With the project rapidly gaining traction, the robust fundamentals and positive sentiment will likely boost prices.

Additionally, token-burning strategies are in place to support its long-term price action. With billions of tokens set to be burned in the future, supply will become more scarce over time, increasing the value of the token.

To be a part of Chimpzee, you just need to connect your Metamask wallet through the website, and you can make payments with Ethereum, or even USDT. Once the presale ends, you will be able to claim your tokens from the website after the 30-day vesting period. You can do that by simply clicking the claim button on the website .

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