Manta Network Price Prediction as MANTA Starts Trending on CoinGecko – Next Big Thing?

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Manta Network Price / Source: TradingView

Manta Network Price / Source: TradingViewFollowing last week’s exciting launch of new protocol Manta Network, the Manta Network (MANTA) price has been pumping.

The Manta Network price was last around $2.45 per token, up around 8% in 24 hours as per CoinGecko.

According to CoinGecko, MANTA is the second most trending cryptocurrency of the day.

The Manta Network’s price of $2.45 gives it a strong market cap of more than $600 million.

Manta Network Price Prediction – Next Crypto Unicorn?

The Manta Network price’s strong start to life likely has a lot to do with its airdrop.

Traders rushed to deposit nearly $1 billion in Ether to its network last week in order to secure a share of these tokens.

That saw the network quickly rank as the fourth largest layer-2 protocol by TVL.With growing hype and MANTA seemingly in an upward trend channel, MANTA may soon become a crypto unicorn.

Manta Network Price / Source: TradingView
Manta Network Price / Source: TradingView

Crypto unicorns are defined as coins with a market cap of more than $1 billion.

The Manta Network features two layer-2 blockchains.

It’s just launched layer-1 protocol is called Manta Atlantic.

Its Celestia layer-2 protocol is called Manta Pacific, and claims to have saved users over $1 million in gas fees.

With @CelestiaOrg underneath, #MantaPacific has saved its users a cumulative $1m in gas fees over the past month. That is truly powerful scalability achievable only on Manta Pacific.

Gas savings tracker:

— Manta Network (🔱,🔱) #MantaNewParadigm (@MantaNetwork) January 21, 2024

Manta Network Problems

Despite the Manta Network price’s strong start to life, the launch hasn’t been without problems.

The Manta Network was hit with a DDoS attack immediately upon launch.

⚠️ Because of yesterday’s DDoS attack, the network has accumulated a large queue of recent transactions. This is leading to longer transaction times and impacts on gas fees. We are aware of this issue and working to resolve it.

— Manta Network (🔱,🔱) #MantaNewParadigm (@MantaNetwork) January 19, 2024

This hampered the issuance of its exciting $MANTA token airdrop.

Meanwhile, crypto enthusiasts have been critical of Manta Network staking.

I was going to share a guide today showing how to stake $MANTA but I don’t think it’s worthwhile.

– No MetaMask support
– Min requirement of 1,000+ $MANTA

Feels like more hassle than it’s worth for most people.

I’m sure we will see new staking solutions very soon.

— Posty (@PostyXBT) January 20, 2024

Manta Network Alternative to Consider – Bitcoin Minetrix ($BTCMTX)

An exciting new decentralized Bitcoin mining protocol called Bitcoin Minetrix is generating a lot of hype.

The project has already raised over $9 million in funds from early investors into its $BTCMTX token presale.

Major Announcement! 🌐#BitcoinMinetrix attains a remarkable milestone, raising over $9,000,000!

— Bitcoinminetrix (@bitcoinminetrix) January 22, 2024

$BTCMTX is the token that powers the protocol – investors who buy $BTCMTX can then stake their tokens to start earning non-transferable Bitcoin Minetrix mining credits.

Crypto stakers deterred from the complexity of Manta Network’s staking program will love Bitcoin Minetrix’s simplicity.

Bitcoin Minetrix mining credits can then be burnt by their owners, and in exchange, they will get a share in Bitcoin Minetrix’s Bitcoin mining revenues.

#BitcoinMinetrix revitalizes the landscape of cloud mining by merging stakeholding and cloud mining.

Pioneering tokenized cloud mining focusing on transparency, autonomy, and security, #BTCMTX is dedicated to providing a reliable pathway for $BTC mining enthusiasts. 🌐⚒️

— Bitcoinminetrix (@bitcoinminetrix) January 22, 2024

However, in addition to token stakers earning a yield in the form of cloud mining credits, $BTCMTX stakers also earn yield in the form of tokens allocated by the protocol for community rewards.

As per the project’s official staking dashboard, staking rewards are currently a massive 72% APR.

Investors should move quickly to secure these big rewards and to get in ahead of the next price rise.

The end of Stage 21 for #BitcoinMinetrix is nearly here, with just 4 days left! 🕰️

How do you manage energy consumption while mining #Bitcoin?

— Bitcoinminetrix (@bitcoinminetrix) January 22, 2024

$BTCMTX token holders will also earn $BTCMTX rewards, with a portion of the token supply already set aside to reward early stakers.

Bitcoin Minetrix’s protocol is governor by smart contracts built on top of the decentralized Ethereum blockchain, which is also where its token is issued.

The protocol thus offers better transparency and security versus other centralized cloud mining services.

Check Out Bitcoin Minetrix Here

Get in On 2023’s Best Staking Coin Early

Its innovative approach to the tokenization of Bitcoin cloud mining to produce a yield for its stakers positions $BTCMTX as potentially one of 2023’s best staking coins.

Bitcoin Minetrix will be using 42.5% of the proceeds of its presale to invest in Bitcoin mining, 35% for marketing, 15% for community rewards and 7.5% for staking.

Bitcoin Minetrix is in phase 1 of its four-part roadmap.

After the presale phase, the other three phases commence, encompassing development, launch, and mass adoption.

Although not scheduled until phase 2 and 3, talks with cloud providers and work on the stake-to-mine dashboard for app and desktop have already begun started.

To buy the $BTCMTX token you will need ETH, USDT, BNB or a bank card.

If you plan to purchase with ETH you can start staking-to-earn straightaway.

Buy Bitcoin Minetrix today

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