Massive Ripple (XRP) Price Prediction: Analyst Gives Target for 2025


  • XRP Price Surge Predictions: Analysts foresee a significant rise in Ripple’s XRP, with targets of $6-$7 in the near term and up to $27 by mid-2025, an almost 4,500% increase.
  • Short-Term Forecasts: Short-term expectations for XRP include reaching around $1.30 in 2024 and a spike to $0.70 by the end of this year, bolstered by its regulatory clarity.
  • Growth Drivers: The next bull cycle is expected to be beneficial for XRP, influenced by Ripple’s successes against the SEC, collaborations with central banks, and re-listing on key cryptocurrency exchanges.

Ripple (XRP) Poised for a 4,400% Price Surge?

Despite the recent correction in the cryptocurrency market and the slight decline of XRP’s price, some analysts still believe that Ripple’s coin is on the verge of spiking to unseen levels. One example is the X (Twitter) user EGRAG CRYPTO, who set the token’s next possible targets.

According to them, XRP might push toward $6-$7, assuming it surpassed the “crucial milestones” of $3 and $5.80. The analyst went further, envisioning the token to explode to $27 (based on its previous performance during the bull run in 2017):

“Reviving echoes from the 2017 surge, aiming for $27 feels like a plausible target.”

EGRAG CRYPTO thinks the almost 4,500% price increase might occur in the middle of 2025. In addition, they believe XRP could jump to approximately $1.30 in 2024, spiking to $0.70 before the year’s end.

“XRP Army STAY STEADY, on the imminent bull run, brace for a surge of liquidity into XRP since its regulatory clarity positions it as the safest investment choice,” the analyst concluded.

The Next Bull Cycle Might be ‘Special’ for XRP

Another person who believes that Ripple’s token is poised for an impressive rally in the near future is the X user Kyren. According to them, the next potential bull run could be “special” for XRP for several reasons.

Some of those include Ripple’s winning streak in its legal battle against the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the company’s interaction with several central banks across the globe, and XRP’s re-listing on major cryptocurrency exchanges. 

“In the bull market before 2016-2017, XRP saw gains like you wouldn’t imagine, having pumped from under $0.01 to well over $3.50. With all that’s been happening with XRP & Ripple lately… Are we primed for another run by the OG of enterprise blockchain utility,” Kyren concluded.

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