Me3 Launches Private Sale on Yield App: Revolutionising Fan Engagement and Digital Asset Ownership

[PRESS RELEASE – Dubai, United Arab Emirates, April 24th, 2024

Me3, a prediction platform that integrates digital asset ownership with live events, Web 2.5 gaming & eSports interaction, announces its private sale on the Yield App Angel Launchpad. Yield App, a well-known crypto platform that bridges the gap between traditional finance and the innovative world of Web3, making crypto accessible and rewarding for everyone, teams up with Me3 for an opportunity to revolutionise the way fans interact with their favourite events.

Key highlights:

  • Stake to Win Rewards: Unlock exclusive rewards and incentives with Me3’s ‘Stake to Win’ feature, incentivizing active participation and fostering a vibrant and rewarding ecosystem for all stakeholders.
  • Flexible Staking and Prediction Pools: Users can engage in prediction pools with flexible staking options, allowing them to amplify their participation and earn rewards for their insights into various events and outcomes.
  • Yield Battle Feature: Me3 introduces the innovative ‘Yield Battle’ feature, enabling users to potentially earn yields while blending decentralized finance (DeFi) with the excitement of competitive gaming, further enhancing their earning potential and entertainment experience.
  • Staking Rewards and Fee Discounts: $ME3 token holders stand to benefit from staking rewards and fee discounts, aligning their interests with the long-term success of the platform.
  • Support from Established VCs and KOLs: With investments from renowned venture capital firms such as Kakao Games (BORA Ecosystem Fund), Outlier Ventures, Master Ventures, Maven Capital, Tokocrypto (acquired by Binance), and more, with support from major KOLs like Jett Chang, Brian D Evans, Mario Nawful, and many others.
  • Successful Offering on Top Launchpads: Having previously completed successful offerings on top launchpads such as Trustswap & Ferrum DAO, Me3 is primed for further growth and success in the digital asset space.

“At Me3, we are leading a revolution in the Web3 space by launching innovative products that reinvent the relationship between digital assets and esports. We increase user engagement by combining competitive predictions with the strategic depth of yield-based markets and fan-driven activities through unique features like Hype Pool, Yield Battle, and FANatic. Furthermore, we are growing our reach through strategic alliances with leading Web 2.5 platforms and Asean gaming communities.” said Matthew Ainscow, Founder of Me3.

Launch on Yield App

Me3 through Yield Apps launchpad is offering a private sale to it’s users of up to $400,000 at a token sale price of @ 0.007 per ME3 token at a $7 million fully diluted valuation (FDV).


$ME3 represents the wide range of features that it brings to the ecosystem. $ME3 token users can engage with Prediction Pools, enjoy safe and transparent transactions, enjoy staking incentives (with up to 50% of platform fees flowing back to them), enjoy fee discounts, and a lot more.

About Me3

Introducing Me3, a pioneering platform that integrates Live Events, Gaming, Sports, and Esports engagement with the dynamic world of digital asset owners.


Introducing, The next generation of personal finance. Built with the user in mind, Yield App offers all the tools needed to grow the user’s crypto portfolio

More details about Yield App can be found on Yield App’s website and Twitter.

For in-depth information can be found here on Yield App’s launchpad sale.

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