Memeinator’s 2024 Ambition to Dominate – What Can Be Learned From XRP Price Trends

Recent crypto news has injected fresh bullish momentum into the crypto markets, with XRP and Memeinator ready to capitalize.

The XRP price outlook facilitates a major change in fortunes following more regulatory clarity being provided to the world of Web3. At the same time, Memeinator, which just started its presale, has the potential to outgrow its meme coin competitors thanks to favorable market conditions.

Judge Rules XRP not a Security: Impact on the Future

Back in July, the XRP price skyrocketed after some major crypto news broke regarding Ripple’s trial with the SEC. The trial has been ongoing since 2020, with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) targeting Ripple on the grounds that the XRP cryptocurrency was a security.

Securities are subject to different rules and regulations, as they typically present fundraising opportunities for a single centralized company. Cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, are digital assets that are designed to be used as a medium of exchange on decentralized computer networks.

The court case between Ripple and the SEC became world-famous. The outcome was thought to provide great insight into the United States’ regulatory stance towards the crypto industry. A New York judge ruled in July that XRP was not, in fact, a security — a major win for Ripple and for the crypto sector, more broadly speaking.

Price analysts are expecting crypto news, such as the XRP-SEC trial, to usher in a new bullish phase for the cryptocurrency markets. Since the New York judge ruled in favor of Ripple, several leading financial institutions have submitted plans to offer a crypto ETF on their platforms. This has provided even more bullish momentum heading into 2024.

Could New Project Memeinator Benefit from Recent Regulatory Changes?

Memeinator was built during the bear market after the team noticed a key problem with most meme coins on the market — that is, that the vast majority of meme coins offer no token utility to their investors. To help solve this problem, Memeinator was designed to deliver more features for its token holders and usher in a new era for the meme coin market.

To kick things off, Memeinator is offering an attractive investment opportunity during its presale. The native MMTR token is available for $0.0118 and will rise by 390% during the event, assuming it goes successfully. It will be used in a decentralized ecosystem that contains several stand-out features, including a game known as Meme Warfare, a special NFT collection, and decentralized finance services such as MMTR token staking.

With such extensive utility being brought into a single meme coin ecosystem, Memeinator is thought to have extremely high long-term potential. The meme coin ecosystem will support a fully decentralized community, and the project could benefit from the regulatory clarity provided to Web3 through the XRP trial.

Into the Stratosphere, Literally

One lucky backer of the new meme coin project will be given a once-in-a-lifetime trip to outer space on Virgin Galactic’s Spaceline. This initiative puts the project’s ethos on full display. Most meme coins share empty promises of Lamborghinis and moonshots, so Memeinator will be sending one of its users into space for real.

Every early backer will be in with a chance to go on the Spaceline trip, in addition to gaining exposure to one of the most exciting new meme coins on the market during 2023. The price is rising gradually from $0.01 to $0.049 during the event, which helps to reward the earlier backers with the best price.

How Does MMTR Work?

Meme Warfare is the keystone feature of the Memeinator platform. It offers a unique gaming experience where players can seek out and destroy unworthy meme coin mascots. Helping to obliterate them with Memeinator’s in-built weaponry in an engaging shoot-em-up style game.

The project uses an artificial intelligence tool called Memescanner that will scour the Web for unworthy meme coins. Once it’s picked out the victims, Memescanner will feed them into Meme Warfare for the Memeinator community to obliterate.

Memeinator is also releasing a dedicated NFT collection with details that have yet to be revealed. But there are some rumors about it being a PFP-style collection or even a unique artwork collection where the owners gain a 1-of-1 item, as verified by the Ethereum blockchain.

The Memeinator team is also building a staking portal directly on-site, which will allow community members to earn a passive yield on their long-term MMTR investment.

Memeinator Price Outlook: Will MMTR reach $1 in 2025?

Memeinator has deflationary tokenomics, as there will only ever be 1 billion tokens created. Having deflationary tokenomics and extensive platform utility is a recipe for success in the crypto markets. Memeinator will try to be able to generate demand from blockchain users while also benefiting from a fixed total token supply.

The combination of these characteristics can help to provide consistent upward pressure for the MMTR price. Price analysts have sought to compare MMTR with existing meme coins in Web3, and have picked out FLOKI and PEPE as its two major competitors.

FLOKI reached a peak market cap of $500 million during the 2021 bull market, while PEPE breached the $1 billion mark in May 2023. MMTR has set its sights on a $1 billion market cap by the next crypto bull market, which gives the token a $1 price target in 2025.

Will XRP Recover from its Lawsuit?

XRP was created by Ripple Labs, a FinTech company based in the United States. The XRP token facilitates the transfer of value on RippleNet. It is a decentralized computer network designed to provide an immutable ledger that records financial transactions in real-time.

RippleNet is able to process cross-border payments with near $0 transaction fees almost instantly. The benefits of RippleNet and blockchain technologies, more broadly, are that they can process transactions much faster and cheaper than any traditional payment system. This is a key reason why they have become so popular in the world today.

Instead of going through costly and time-consuming foreign exchange processes, financial institutions such as JP Morgan, the Bank of England, and Santander have chosen to use RippleNet and XRP. This reflects XRP’s far-reaching utility in the global financial system.

XRP Price Outlook

The XRP price may have been held back in recent years due to Ripple’s trial with the SEC. It is thought that XRP underperformed during the 2021 bull market, as it failed to breach its former all-time high at the $3 price level.

Thanks to Ripple gaining more regulatory clarity, experts are predicting that the XRP price may breach its 2021 high during the next crypto bull market.

Memeinator and XRP are two interesting crypto opportunities heading into 2024 and 2025. The projects offer real utility to different target markets, with each one potentially able to attract significant backing over the coming months and years.

However, Memeinator is in the earlier stages of its development. The project has only just launched, which adds to its appeal for those seeking low-cap cryptocurrencies. There is a limited time only to buy MMTR at a reduced price level before it gets listed on Bitmart.

To get exclusive information on the presale and the Memeinator launch, sign up using the form on the Memeinator website.

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