Mercure DAO Raises $1.5M to Lead the Revolution in Web3 Incubation

[PRESS RELEASE – London, UK, February 17th, 2024]

A Gateway to the Build the Future of Blockchain

In a landscape where innovation meets expertise, MercureDAO emerges as the leading Web3 Incubator, standing ready to guide crypto projects towards success in this dynamic arena.

Key Achievements:

  • 30+ Project Incubated
  • Helped to raise $20 Million
  • 600+ Key Opinion Leaders
  • 7+ Years in Building Web3 Projects

Services That Elevate:

From project incubation & connections to marketing, MercureDAO offers comprehensive solutions tailored to Web3 success.

  • Incubation Services: support to early-stage projects in the decentralized ecosystem, technical guidance, funding opportunities, and networking resources.
  • Marketing Services: Influencer Marketing, Performance, SMM, PPC, etc.
  • Mentorship & Guidance: strategic guidance, industry insights, and actionable feedback.
  • Access to Funding: access to a network of investors, VCs, and blockchain-focused funds interested in supporting innovative projects.
  • Community Management: Cultivate a thriving community, a vital asset for any Web3 project, designed for community creation and interaction.
  • and much more.

What Makes MercureDAO Unique: Innovation and Expertise in Web3

MercureDAO stands apart as a dynamic and dedicated team of entrepreneurs and engineers with a groundbreaking vision for a better tomorrow. MercureDAO offers smart solutions for companies of all sizes and pride ourselves on unparalleled, dedicated service.

  • Experienced Team: A seasoned professionals possess a deep understanding of Web3 technologies.
  • Data-Driven Approach: MercureDAO uses data to inform strategies, ensuring campaigns are effective and efficient.
  • Creative Solutions: Constantly innovating, MercureDAO develops new and effective ways to reach target audiences in the Web3 space.
  • Transparent Communication: Clear and open communication with clients ensures expectations are always met.

MercureDAO: Driving Web3 Innovation and Growth

As an Official Partner of leading platforms, including MetaMask, Cosmos, Litecoin, and others, MercureDAO stands as a testament to their commitment to excellence and innovation.

Workflow of Collaboration:

  • Discovery Workshop: Delve deep into project’s brand vision, target audience, and Web3 aspirations.
  • Collaborative Execution: Leave the heavy lifting to MercureDAO as it executes client’s strategy with flawless precision, ensuring transparency and constant optimization.
  • Sustainable Growth: Users can build a thriving community, potentially unlock new revenue streams, and establish themselves as a Web3 leader.

About Mercure DAO

Mercure DAO stands as a pioneering Web3 Incubator catering to crypto projects worldwide. After raising $1.5M as a private fund, they embark on incubating Web3 projects and amplifying brand growth. At MercureDAO, it’s about fostering a collaborative spirit and collectively shaping the future of Web3. Learn more about Mercure DAO in their blog:


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