The team behind the popular Ethereum-native wallet warned earlier today that its application was removed from Apple’s app store.

However, the issues seem to be resolved now, and MetaMask can now be downloaded by Apple users once again.

  • Several users took it to X to complain on October 14 that they were unable to locate and download the MetaMask app from Apple’s App Store.
  • Hours later, the team behind the wallet confirmed the speculation but said it “is not related to anything malicious, and our team is working hard to resolve it ASAP.”
  • This came amid the growing dangers of fake MetaMask applications circling the Internet that resulted in numerous exploited accounts. One of the most recent victims included the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks – Mark Cuban.
  • MetaMask’s team warned users not to trust suspicious applications in its tweet as well.

If you come across any fake MetaMask apps on the App Store, please report them immediately. 🔍 Our top priority is to get this sorted out quickly and protect users from any fake apps.

— MetaMask 🦊🫰 (@MetaMask) October 14, 2023

  • Less than an hour after the original tweet, the team posted an update suggesting that the MetaMask app has been restored to the App Store.
  • CryptoPotato managed to verify this, as the app does appear and can be downloaded as of writing this article.