On-Chain™ Index Ventures Unveils Revolutionary Blockchain-Native Platform for Digital Asset Management

[PRESS RELEASE – Silicon Valley, California, USA, January 9th, 2024]

Today, On-Chain™ Index Ventures, a pioneer in blockchain-native digital asset management, announces the launch of its groundbreaking investment platform. This innovative platform is designed to meet the evolving needs of asset managers, hedge fund managers, and family offices.

The company stands out as the only enterprise to offer a platform that utilizes thematic smart contracts offering unparalleled diversification and participation opportunities in the realm of digital assets. Asset managers can now implement a digital asset investment strategy that provides simplicity, complete transparency, and control.

“At On-Chain™ Index (OCI), we cater to high-net-worth individuals’ demand for seamless digital asset access with our user-friendly platform, prioritizing simplicity and security. As we redefine digital asset management, our platform now encompasses support for asset managers, hedge fund managers, and family offices to achieve long-term investment horizons,” says Nitin Serro, one of the founding members. “Our thematic index strategies are designed to simplify the complexity of digital asset investments, allowing asset managers to build confidence in their digital asset.”

An OCI client adds, “The OCI platform empowers effective diversification into digital assets with on-chain visibility. It offers a clear pathway for confidently managing my digital holdings, addressing market needs to prevent fraud associated with digital asset allocations. Its transparency and security are indispensable for navigating the digital asset landscape.”

On-Chain™ Index Ventures is committed to providing the industry’s first and only platform to navigate the intricacies of digital asset investment, ensuring their journey is as transparent and fully auditable as it is secure.

On-Chain™ Index Ventures, based in Silicon Valley, is a leader in blockchain-native investment platforms. A Web3 infrastructure and Fintech enablement company, On-Chain™ Index Ventures offers sophisticated investment platforms for asset managers, hedge fund managers, and family offices. With a focus on harnessing blockchain technology, On-Chain Index™ Ventures empowers long-term investment horizons in the digital asset sector.

For more information and to request a friendly demo, users can visit https://www.onchainindex.ventures/

This press release is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any security of a fund managed by On-Chain, or any person. An offering of the security described herein, if any, will be made pursuant to a definitive offering document and the information contained therein together with a subscription agreement and related documentation will supersede the information herein in its entirety. Users can review On-Chain™ Index Ventures’ full disclaimer here.


Martin Bach
On-Chain Index Ventures

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