OpenAI Announces GPT-4 Turbo and Launches Innovative GPT Store

Microsoft-backed OpenAI has just announced the launch of GPT-4 Turbo and its innovative GPT store, marking the debut of its most advanced artificial intelligence technology.

OpenAI’s Chief Executive Officer, Sam Altman, shared these exciting updates during the AI lab’s inaugural developer conference.

OpenAI Unveils GPT-4 Turbo

In a Monday public address, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman announced the launch of GPT-4 Turbo, marking the debut of its most advanced artificial intelligence technology. GPT-4 Turbo is currently previewing for developers, with a broader release planned soon.

The new version is set to revolutionize AI interactions with customization that enhances user experiences, catering to unique needs and preferences. It offers an extended knowledge base with answers up to April 2023 and allows for more significant inputs, accepting documents up to 300 pages.

OpenAI has also reduced the cost of GPT-4 Turbo, making it more affordable for companies and developers. Input tokens are now priced at $0.01, three times cheaper than its predecessor, while output tokens cost $0.03.

Additionally, OpenAI introduced the ability for anyone to create custom chatbots. Meanwhile, Altman informed reporters that they want to develop GPT-5, but they currently do not have a specific timeframe for its completion.

OpenAI Unveils GPT Store

Building on this development, OpenAI has introduced a new revenue model akin to an app store named the GPT Store. This platform is a marketplace where creators can publish their custom-built GPTs, making them available for public download. The GPT Store is designed to serve as a breeding ground for innovation, allowing creators to showcase their AI models to the world.

In the coming months, the GPT Store will evolve into a monetization hub for creators, with OpenAI announcing plans to compensate creators based on the usage statistics of their AI creations. This initiative promises to incentivize quality and creativity in the AI domain, offering a financial reward system that aligns with user engagement metrics.

Creators can look forward to their GPTs being searchable within the store and potentially rising in the leaderboard ranks. OpenAI has committed to spotlighting standout GPTs across various categories, including productivity, education, and entertainment, ensuring that the most impactful and enjoyable AI tools receive the recognition they deserve.

The launch comes at a time when tech giants such as Alphabet (GOOGL), Amazon (AMZN), Meta (META), and X are vying for the adoption of their AI tools. Earlier this year, Alphabet’s Google unveiled Bard, while Meta has leveraged AI to enhance its advertising tools. Amazon also invested in the AI startup Anthropic. This week also saw Elon Musk unveil an AI tool named Grok for X.

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