Passive Income with Join the Future of Cardano DeFi: stands as a decentralised finance (DeFi) platform where users have ownership, fueled by the CERRA utility token, which operates on the Cardano blockchain. CERRA utility token serves as the primary catalyst for the economic activities and represents a share of ownership in the platform. The platform’s profits are distributed among CERRA token holders through staking, ensuring that all circulating tokens are entitled to receive 100% of the platform’s earnings. Holding and staking CERRA tokens guarantees a supply of passive income.

All of the components are fully decentralised and open-sourced, which means that the engine of the platform is being run by Smart Contracts, that talk to each other independently and acts as an interface, opposed to being a centralised setup like its’ predecessors on other chains. CERRA utility token acts as the fuel of the platform and the one and only true source of ownership. is already live and can be accessed at – the platform is generating revenue through the provision of significant DeFi services and collecting fees for their usage. All fees resulting from interactions with DeFi smart contracts are automatically funnelled into the Treasury smart contract. Subsequently, the Treasury smart contract releases a specified sum of funds, based on the amount of CERRA tokens staked within it – this is exactly what passive income stands for!

This groundbreaking platform is utilising Decentralised Oracles, never seen in any Cardano dApp up until now. The functionality paves the way towards true decentralisation.

A breakdown of how the smart contracts interact with each other: platform comprises of these key DeFi services:

Peer-to-peer lending: Creating each borrowing or lending request incurs a fixed ADA fee, which is then placed in the Treasury smart contract.

Spot swaps: Every swap executed within the liquidity pool carries a fixed ADA fee, which is also directed to the Treasury smart contract.

Pool lending: Borrowing from the liquidity pool comes with a set ADA percentage fee, also deposited into the Treasury smart contract.

Derivatives: Opening each position involves a fixed ADA fee, which is deposited into the Treasury smart contract.

More products will be introduced into the ecosystem during the development stages throughout 2024 and 2025. Token

With a total supply of only 50 million tokens, it becomes a low market cap gem. The scarcity of the token and the adoption of the platform will poise towards the price uptrend in the upcoming bull market. Currently the project is in the Presale stage with a planned public sale in Q2 of 2024.

Token Utility

Staking – Stake your CERRA tokens, receive a proportional amount of 100% of platform profits.

Holding – Holding CERRA tokens will eventually lead to using the platform for free and making passive income.

DAO voting – allocate your CERRA tokens and contribute to development and operational direction.

Farming – Provide liquidity to Spot Swap Pools / Lending Pools / Derivatives and receive CERRA incentives.

Governance – Propose or vote on certain platform features, upgrades, resource allocation and more.

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