PropyKeys Onboards 150k Addresses Onchain

[PRESS RELEASE – Miami, FL, April 26th, 2024]

PropyKeys sees 150k addresses minted onchain just weeks after the platforms launch marking rapid growth and adoption

PropyKeys, a pioneering ecosystem project within the Propy ecosystem, has facilitated the minting of over 150,000 real estate addresses or landmarks as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) onchain. PropyKeys has created an onchain database with the ambition to onboard one million home addresses worldwide. The project is estimated to bring real estate assets worth $10 billion onchain.

PropyKeys has rapidly gained momentum and successfully scaled to meet demand, with over 150,000 minted addresses achieved since the launch on March 13th. This remarkable growth underscores the enthusiasm and interest within the real estate and web3 communities for innovative solutions to secure their property rights onchain.

The recent high-profile launch event, which featured prominent guest speakers such as Cathie Wood, Tim Draper, and Anthony Pompliano, was an exciting showcase of the significance that PropyKeys represents at the intersection of real estate and blockchain technology, receiving significant endorsement from key industry leaders.

“PropyKeys represents a monumental step towards democratizing access to real estate ownership through blockchain technology.” Andrew Zapo, COO of PropyKeys. “Our platform not only provides an innovative solution that stands to drastically improve security, efficiency, and access all while empowering individuals worldwide to participate in the digital real estate revolution.”

PropyKeys Leads with Crypto-Native Real Estate Solutions

Incorporating engaging gamification elements, PropyKeys has attracted thousands of participants to daily challenges, fostering a vibrant and interactive ecosystem. The project has also curated a global landmark AI NFT collection, leveraging the transition of real estate onto the blockchain. The recent sale of collection artifacts, conducted in partnership with Rarible, includes iconic landmarks like Central Park, Westminster Abbey, and the Verona Arena.

In the run up to 150k, Propy also integrated Chainlink Automation, a decentralized service designed to manage tasks for smart contracts to ensure reliable and economically incentivized automation, onto the platform to distribute staking rewards. Notable features include highly reliable and performant automation, cost-saving infrastructure, scalability, and the unlocking of new use cases to ensure the best and most secure possible user experience.

Tokenized Real Estate for a New Generation of Owners

PropyKeys is built on Base Network and accepts $PRO, Propy’s native token, providing users with flexibility in minting on Ethereum mainnet or Base. Additionally, the platform offers US users the ability to mint their deeds onchain, addressing concerns about deed fraud and ensuring ownership security. With its rapid growth, strategic partnerships, and commitment to innovation, PropyKeys is poised to revolutionize the way buyers, sellers, owners, and agents operate in the real estate market, opening it up to new participants while making it more secure than ever before.

About PropyKeys:

PropyKeys, a gamified platform within the Propy ecosystem, aims to redefine real estate ownership through blockchain technology. Launched in March 2024 on Base, PropyKeys allows users to mint digital addresses and deeds for real-world properties. With features like AI-generated landmark NFT minting and a novel staking mechanism, PropyKeys is setting new standards for property ownership in the digital age.


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