Solana Price Prediction: $4.7 Billion Trading Volume Floods In – Can SOL Hit $120 before 2024?


Solana (SOL), a key player in the cryptocurrency market, has shown remarkable resilience and upward movement, maintaining a strong position around the $122mark. This surge reflects the broader positive sentiment enveloping the crypto market, particularly underscored by Bitcoin’s (BTC) stable hold above the $43,000 level during the festive season.

With a striking 24-hour trading volume of approximately $4.39 billion and a notable 2.48% increase in its value, Solana ranks impressively at #4, boasting a substantial market capitalization of over $49.2 billion.

The crypto community is abuzz with tales of triumph, such as a trader’s astounding journey from $900 to $3.47 million, further fueling optimism around Solana’s potential.

This optimism is magnified by the growing influx of institutional investments, raising intriguing prospects about Solana’s future price trajectory as 2024 approaches.

Astounding Profit: From $900 to $3.47 Million with Analos

It’s noteworthy that Solana’s SOL token has stood out among the top 5 tokens, delivering substantial returns to investors. A recent success story involves a trader who turned a modest $900 investment into an impressive $3.47 million by trading Analos on the Solana blockchain, achieving an astounding 3800x return.

The trader started with 12 SOL tokens, utilized them to acquire 2.6 billion Analos tokens, and experienced a noteworthy 250% surge in Analos’ price within just 5 days.

An address spent 12 $SOL to buy 2.6 billion $ANALOS, with a total profit of $3.47 million.#analos

— Crypto Man (@CryptoMan_News) December 25, 2023

Taking advantage of this surge, the trader sold 1.45 billion Analos tokens for $1.43 billion in USDC, retaining the remaining tokens for potential future gains.

This success story underscores the remarkable potential and opportunities presented by the dynamic world of digital asset trading on platforms like Solana.

Therefore, the news of a trader turning $900 into $3.47 million through Analos on Solana may contribute to increased interest in Solana, potentially influencing a positive impact on SOL’s price.

Impact of Increasing Institutional Investments on Solana’s Price

Another factor that has been boosting Solana’s price was the increasing interest from institutional investors. Last week, this trend became more apparent as Solana managed to attract a substantial $6 million in investments.

This not only speaks to the resilience of the cryptocurrency market but also underscores the growing appeal of alternative assets like Solana among institutional players.


Solana saw an inflow of $6 million in the past week, totaling $162 million year-to-date.

— SolanaFloor | Powered by Step Finance (@SolanaFloor) December 25, 2023

The $103 million influx into digital asset investments overall indicates a broader corporate enthusiasm for both Bitcoin and altcoins. This renewed interest comes after an 11-week pause, during which some outflows were observed.

Specifically, Bitcoin saw a significant $87.6 million influx, and Ethereum received $7.9 million, showcasing the ongoing optimism among institutional investors in these leading cryptocurrencies.

However, it’s essential to note the nuanced landscape of the crypto market. While Solana experienced a positive surge, Cardano also received a $1 million boost.

Therefore, the influx of $6 million in institutional investments into Solana signals growing confidence. This increased demand could potentially contribute to a positive impact on Solana’s price, driven by heightened investor interest and optimism.

Let’s delve into technical side of Solana.

Solana Price Prediction

Solana’s pivotal point stands at $117.90, serving as a crucial juncture for future price movements. It faces immediate resistance at $126.22, with further hurdles at $139.19 and $148.59.

On the downside, support levels at $108.25, $102.34, and $92.63 offer substantial cushioning against potential declines.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicates a slightly overbought condition at 74, suggesting that traders might exercise caution. However, SOL’s price firmly above the 50-Day Exponential Moving Average (EMA) of $95.59 reinforces the current bullish trend.

Solana Price Chart
Solana Price Chart – Source: Tradingview

Solana’s recent price action, characterized by a bounce-off from the 38.2% Fibonacci retracement level around $108.20, indicates a strong uptrend.

The formation of bullish engulfing candlestick patterns on the 4-hourly timeframe has led to a break above the $117.90 pivot point, signaling potential for further upward momentum.

This technical breakout suggests that Solana could exhibit a strong buying trend if it maintains above the pivotal level.

Overall, Solana’s trend remains bullish above $117.90. The combination of solid technical indicators and positive market sentiment paints an optimistic picture for SOL in the short term.

In addition to Solana’s noteworthy performance, the presale coin Meme Kombat is also garnering significant attention. Let’s delve into its details.

Meme Kombat: Web3 Gaming Pioneer Surpasses $4.5 Million in Presale

Meme Kombat, a pioneering force in the Web3 gaming sector, is swiftly gaining momentum in the crypto universe, having surpassed a remarkable $4.53 million in its ongoing presale, drawing ever closer to its ambitious $5 million target.

Currently, with only a little over two days remaining until its next price increase, the anticipation surrounding Meme Kombat’s MK token is palpable. Set to rise to $0.268, the token’s current price stands at $0.257, reflecting the growing enthusiasm of the crypto community for this innovative gaming platform.

Integral to Meme Kombat’s ecosystem, the $MK token not only facilitates in-game transactions but also offers enticing staking yields. A substantial 30% of the token’s supply is earmarked for staking rewards and in-game incentives, creating a dynamic and engaging economic environment within the game.


Meme Kombat is on the cusp of transforming the gaming experience with its initial season launch slated for between October and November 2023. This will be followed by the much-anticipated release of Meme Kombat 2 towards the year’s end, showcasing the platform’s commitment to continuous innovation and gameplay enhancement.

As the countdown to the price hike of the $MK token continues, Meme Kombat’s successful presale underscores its potential to emerge as a prominent figure in the burgeoning Web3 gaming landscape.

To be part of this gaming revolution, visit Meme Kombat and explore the opportunities it presents in this new era of digital gaming.

Visit Meme Kombat Here

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