The Most Exciting Ripple (XRP) Price Predictions as of Late


  • Analysts predict a potential rally for Ripple’s XRP, with forecasts ranging from $1.40 to over $10.
  • Dark Defender suggests the coin is already on a bullish trend, with predictions of reaching up to $22.50 in the coming months.

Crossing the $1 Mark This Year?

Despite being on a downfall in the past few months, many analysts remain optimistic about the future of Ripple’s XRP. EGRAG CRYPTO – an X (Twitter) user who regularly presents forecasts – recently suggested that the asset’s price could rally toward $1.40 by April this year. He further predicted that the next stop after that might be an all-time high of $5.

Ripple is scheduled to meet the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on a grand trial on April 23. According to many, the company has better chances to secure a decisive win in the lengthy legal battle, having three partial court victories in its account already. A positive outcome for Ripple could indeed fuel an XRP upswing by strengthening investors’ confidence and potentially attracting more buyers.

Dark Defender also chipped in, forecasting that XRP might surpass $0.90 should it break above $0.52 in the short term. Dropping below that resistance level, though, might lead to a decline of almost $0.40.

XForceGlobal and CryptoBull were much more bullish. The former argued that XRP has formed a triangle pattern as of late, which indicates that the token’s value could rise above $10 by 2026:

“The larger triangle scenario now has a solid three years of data, which makes it the largest accumulation of any coin without breaking any major lows at the time of writing. I would be conservative with my targets in the coming years of around $9-11 per XRP if the triangle scenario happens.”

CryptoBull predicted a 2,500% price explosion toward $13 before the end of 2024. Those willing to explore additional forecasts can take a look at our dedicated video below:

Is XRP Already a Bullish Mode?

The popular X user Crypto Rover recently presented a chart showing that XRP might experience a “massive breakout” in less than two months.

According to Dark Defender’s estimations, the token has been on a bullish path for the last 180 days. The analyst thinks there are ten more months (at least) during which XRP’s price could skyrocket to as high as $22.50.

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