This Whale is Cashing Out Millions as Bitcoin (BTC) Price Correction Looms

A Bitcoin whale has entered a massive selling spree, offloading 411 Bitcoin for about $15.2 million. According to data from Lookonchain, the whale first converted the Bitcoin to Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) before selling it at an average price of $37,023.

The whale still has 155 WBTC, worth about $5.74 million.

A whale is selling $BTC.

This whale bridged $BTC to #Ethereum to sell and has sold a total of 411 $WBTC for 15.2M $USDC at $37,023.

There are currently 155 $WBTC($5.74M) left in the wallet.

— Lookonchain (@lookonchain) November 13, 2023

BTC’s bullish momentum has spread optimism to the crypto community, and the current ETF narrative has pushed the price above $37k. Interestingly, the amount of inflows into exchanges from large whale addresses has declined compared to previous years, indicating a more resilient sentiment among large holders.

Likewise, another whale withdrew 716 BTC, $26.5M from Binance on Nov. 13, according to Lookonchain. The whale has bought 4,232 Bitcoin, worth $156.5 million, since Oct. 4. The whale paid an average of $31,452 per Bitcoin and is now making a profit of $23 million.

The recent whale activity comes as BTC breaks above $700B in market capitalization, reaching $730B this week —an amount not seen since April 2022. This puts BTC’s dominance at 50.69%.

The cryptocurrency market’s resurgence has kept whales busy, actively accumulating several cryptocurrencies. But, as CryptoPotato reported, large investors are hoarding lower-cap altcoins than established market leaders like BTC and XRP.

Bitcoin Stagnates

Bitcoin is trading at $36,600 at the time of writing, a -1% decline in 24 hours. Further, looking at the chart, we can notice how BTC’s price has stagnated after providing considerable gains in October, led mainly by the hopes of a potential approval of a BTC spot ETF in 2024.

Most in the crypto community believe a spot ETF approval is imminent. However, some experts predict that BTC will continue to surge — reaching prices above $40k and $45k by December this year or Q1 2024— until the SEC finally approves the ETF, after which the capital will rotate to the altcoin market.

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