Throughout one of the toughest crypto bear markets yet, a Web3 hub is born in New York

As the world dives deeper into an age of digital transformation, and with the open promise and threat of AI, the need for in-person and collaborative workspace has only become more important.

That is the mission of the latest exciting initiative within the Web3 World.  Station 3, a 25,000 sq ft Manhattan office space beaming with web3 teams, innovators, artists, and pioneers.  Founded by Bob Loukas, a pioneer within the crypto landscape, Station3 is a vibrant and collaborative ecosystem in a beautiful and permanent New York City location. Builders. Teams, and Artists are given workplace grants to create and collaborate.

Bob Loukas Quote”As the world moves deeper into a digital and anonymous environment, the need for IRL workplaces and community only becomes that much more important.   Station3 was built to bring people together, to collaborate and form lasting bonds and partnerships.”

The strategic location of Station 3 at 26 Broadway provides a unique advantage, offering panoramic views of the iconic Statue of Liberty. The space is not just a workplace; it’s an inspirational environment that encourages forward-thinking and creativity. The stunning backdrop serves as a constant reminder of the innovation that defines the crypto and Web3 space, making Station 3 more than just an office but a hub of inspiration.

And in the after-hours, Station3 hosts non-stop events.  From member happy hours, digital art and photography shows, engaging panels with experts in the defi, NFT’s, identity and AI space.   For the builders, demo days, hackathons, pitch days, and workshops.   Station3 has quickly established itself as the focal meeting point for Web3 in New York City.   Early sponsors already including Sotheby’s, Polygon, and Art Blocks.

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