Trump Token on SOL Skyrockets 590x in a Day, Eyes on Next Low Cap Gem for Big Move

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TRUMP Price Analysis: As US looks towards next Presidential election, Solana Meme Coin markets become supercharged - Trump token explodes 590x

As Solana meme coin markets remain supercharged, Trump token on SOL has mounted an incredible 590x price climb in less than 24 hours.

This article will provide an analysis of TRUMP’s current price trends and look to see whether a newer Bitcoin alternative, GBTC, represents a more promising investment opportunity at this time.

#trump is on air force 1 and has no intention of meeting Biden at the white house. Send it to 4bmcap. 2LzvQfbj9VU66BvZc3uoVLNEqQm4iFi89QgV5y1A6ehE

— Alkebulan-HTown (@AlkebulanHTown) March 7, 2024

The defiant launch of TRUMP on SOL emerged in response to seismic moves by SOL-based Presidential rival Jeo Boden token – which exploded over +100,000%.

TRUMP Price Analysis: As Trump Token on SOL Explodes Overnight – Is Retrace The End of The Road?

As price action battles for lower support, TRUMP is currently trading at a market price of $0.00165 (representing a 24-hour change of +33,992%).

This comes after TRUMP token launched at an opening price of just $0.00002 at around 10AM (UTC) on March 10, however, price action ignited in the 4th hour of trading, with price pushing up an initial +6,500%.

Consolidation over the subsequent 3-hours here saw a support level established around $0.0007, and this set the stage for a major upside move as eagle-eyed Solana DEX traders flooded in to join the emerging rally.

TRUMP Price Analysis: As US looks towards next Presidential election, Solana Meme Coin markets become supercharged - Trump token explodes 590x

Skyrocketing TRUMP price action climbed a further +700% to hit an all-time high at $0.005.

Yet, with early backers sat atop +50,000% gains, a sell-off triggered, and retracement swept into the chart – sending TRUMP token tumbling -86%.

But, in a show of resilience, the $0.0007 support level was successfully defended by TRUMP holders, now triggering a potential second rally leg.

The +130% bounce from support over the past 3-hours has been buoyed up by solid buy-pressure (representing 63% of transactions over the past hour).

Whilst the retracement has left TRUMP now trading at a meagre $178k market cap that creates a window of opportunity for late entrants.

A relatively modest influx of trading volume at current levels could easily propel the TRUMP token on a 10x move from here, a common occurrence in Solana meme coin markets, especially as 441 holders hold strong into the bounce.

However, while TRUMP price analysis offers a high-risk second-chance opportunity, bigger gains could be more reliably found in Green Bitcoin ahead of the next halving event in April.

Explained: Here’s Why Green Bitcoin (GBTC) Will Outperform Bitcoin Gains in 2024

Bitcoin beta plays can be thought of as Bitcoin-linked tokens that crypto investors associate with Bitcoin, yet, at comparatively far more alluring market caps.

As crypto markets brace for the next Bitcoin halving event, set to take place in late April 2024, investors are increasingly shifting their attention to so-called ‘Bitcoin beta plays’ – cryptocurrencies that are expected to pump alongside Bitcoin.

The dynamics at play behind this are quite simple, for example, if Bitcoin is to provide a 2x gain to investors at current levels, the whopping $1.3tn Bitcoin market cap needs to double up and hit a shocking $2.6tn.

This is where beta plays such as Green Bitcoin come into play, as for GBTC to undertake a 2x gain for investors it would only need to grow from a present $2.4m market cap to a modest $5m market cap.

Simply put, the GBTC presale offers you the chance to get in at rock-bottom pricing, with an early-backer advantage comparable to the opportunity to buy Bitcoin in 2011.

FOMO From Solana Meme Coin Pumps? Learn How Green Bitcoin Stand Out in a Crowded Crypto Market

By shifting the field of play to Ethereum’s ERC-20 token standard, Green Bitcoin aims to tap into a massive reduction in carbon emissions – whilst gaining access to high-speed, low-energy, proof-of-stake transactions.

Unlike investing in Bitcoin, GBTC provides holders with a clear conscience that their cryptocurrency delivers a 10,000x reduction in energy consumption by shifting to an ERC-20 standard.

But the real heart of Green Bitcoin is the introduction of an innovative gamified staking model that could change the face of Bitcoin holding – enabling investors to not only stack for gains, but stack for passive income.

High-octane Bitcoin prediction markets form the basis of gamification in this engaging staking mechanism, with GBTC challenging holders to participate in daily predictive challenges to win big.

Rewards are centered and distributed based on successful Bitcoin price predictions; creating a light-hearted by competitive community – where your fellow holders are your opponents.

Correct calls on the predictive market receive massive $GBTC rewards – including up to 100% token bonuses!

Missed TRUMP Price Pump? Discover What Lies Ahead For Green Bitcoin As The 2024 Bull Run Emerges

Forging a competitive community based on high-stakes Bitcoin price predictions; with backing from major affiliates and influencers poises Green Bitcoin for success in 2024.

As GBTC continues to smash presale phases, don’t miss out on the opportunity to get in early – with prices increasingly incrementally throughout the presale.

The project’s roadmap is supercharged for the year ahead, with market campaigns planned to launch soon, and the flagship predict-2-earn mechanism on the horizon, not to mention major price pump events like GBTC tier-1 CEX listings.

So if TRUMP doesn’t wet your appetite, join GBTC – connect with Green Bitcoin on X and Telegram.

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