UXLINK Revolutionizes Web3 Social Infrastructure with Multi-Wallet Launch, Garnering $8 Million Across 100,000 OKX Wallets

UXLINK,  a leading Web3 social platform and infrastructure with the unique “social acquaintance” and “Group”model, has officially launched a new feature for managing multiple wallets and multi-chain assets. This update was launched on February 2, in partnership with the OKX Web3 wallet. Reports indicate that within just five days of launching this campaign, over 100,000 OKX Web3 wallet addresses were created and linked to UXLINK. These wallets have 50%+ deposit rate, with an average asset value exceeding $140 in equivalent tokens, or 8 million in total. The user base is truly global, spanning countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, Nigeria, Europe, the Middle East and more. Cheers, the great UXLINK community

What sets UXLINK apart is its unique approach to integrating Web3 infrastructure services directly within Telegram, fully capturing the real-world social connections and boosting trust. The rapid growth of UXLINK highlights the superior “fission efficiency” of leveraging social connections over the traditional methods of generating traffic in public domains. Till today, UXLINK  has 2.6 million verified users, 75000 groups, and 5.5 million general users. Additionally, it provides support for developers and other Dapps, further broadening its reach and utility.

Event link: https://dapp.uxlink.io/uxtask/okx

Twitter : https://twitter.com/UXLINKofficial

Telegram : https://t.me/UXLINKofficial2

Contact Information:


Eric Zhong

[email protected]

OKX Wallet

OKX Wallet Team

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