• Warning About Fraudulent NFT Scheme: The Cardano Community, a Twitter account, warned users about a scam involving Berry Pool delegators receiving a dubious NFT, falsely promising extra ADA rewards through a fraudulent event.
  • Significant Losses Incurred: Victims who connected their wallets and signed transactions following this scam have suffered losses exceeding 200,000 ADA. The associated website has been identified as a scam.
  • Advice for Caution and ADA Price Surge: Users are advised to carefully review transaction summaries to protect their assets. The scam coincides with ADA’s price uptrend, recently surpassing the $0.65 mark, its highest since May 2022.

Cardano Community – an X (Twitter) account dedicated to the blockchain platform – issued a stark warning to users about a dangerous fraud that has been recently targeting victims.

Specifically, some Berry Pool delegators have received a dubious non-fungible token (NFT), promising additional ADA rewards through “a deceptive/fake rewards event.”

The team behind the X account alerted individuals to be utterly cautious since the associated website has been identified as a scam. 

“Unfortunately, users who connected their wallets and signed transactions have already experienced losses exceeding 200K ADA,” Cardano Community added.

Subsequently, users were advised to carefully examine transaction summary before conducting any final processes to ensure the security of their assets. 

ADA’s price has been on a significant uptrend lately, which could be one reason why it became the subject of the latest scam.

The token recently surpassed the $0.65 mark (per CoinGecko’s data), a valuation last seen in May 2022.