Zebec Launches Instant, Multi-chain, Non-custodial, No fees Crypto Card Worldwide

[PRESS RELEASE – New York, USA, December 8th, 2023]

New York, December 8, 2023 – Zebec, a pioneer in streaming finance, announced today the launch of the Zebec Instant Card further expanding its diverse suite of payment and payroll solutions. The new card, underpinned by the trusted networks of Visa and Mastercard* offers a seamless and immediate way for users to convert their cryptocurrency into spendable US dollars and is accepted at millions of merchants across the globe.

In an industry-first, the Zebec Instant Card offers a truly non-custodial multi-chain global payment card, giving users full control over their funds without intermediary holding. Instantly activated via direct transfer from popular cryptocurrency wallets such as Metamask, BNB, and Phantom, ushering in a new level of convenience, security and speed.

Moreover, easily connected with Apple Pay and Google Pay and accepted anywhere in the world, Zebec Instant Card gives you the spending power of USD, regardless of your region or banking conditions.

“We’re not just expanding our product range; we’re redefining how cryptocurrency integrates into everyday lives. Adding the Zebec Instant Card to our innovative product family, offers unprecedented ease for businesses and consumers to utilize their crypto assets for everyday expenses,” stated Sam Thapaliya, founder of Zebec. “This card transcends the typical constraints of crypto spending, providing an instant payment tool for online shopping, subscriptions, phone plans, dining, and much more.”

No fees, active in seconds 

Zebec Instant Card carries no sign-up, FX, conversion, or transfer fees. It is activated instantly with direct transfer from your crypto wallet and offers increased privacy, security, and greater flexibility in spending cryptocurrency in 138 countries around the world.

Accepted globally

Aniruddha Dasgupta, Head of Product and Partnerships at Zebec and a Visa alum, pointed out what makes Zebec Instant a superior product: “Unique in its global accessibility, the Zebec Instant Card offers a wide array of spending avenues for users, even in regions, such as Latin America or South-East Asia, where banking services, offramp options are limited or US dollar-linked payment cards and transactions are typically unavailable. This inclusive approach ensures that anyone, anywhere, can leverage the power of cryptocurrency in their daily lives.” – Dasgupta continued

In conclusion, the Zebec Instant Card is not just a new product—it’s a testament to Zebec’s commitment to building the bridges between digital and traditional finance and its relentless pursuit to provide practical, real-world applications for digital currency payments.

For more details and to become a part of the financial revolution, visit Zebec Instant Card

*Network varies by region/country. Full details HERE

About Zebec

Zebec enables real-time and continuous streams of payments and financial transactions for payroll, investments and more. Founded in 2021, with investments by Circle, Coinbase, Solana Ventures, Breyer Capital, Republic, and Lightspeed Venture Partners among others, Zebec already services hundreds of companies, running thousands of continuous payment streams and bringing the blockchain to everyday lives.

For more information: Official Website | Telegram | Twitter

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