3 Crypto To Accumulate in an Income Portfolio in 2024

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Income portfolio crypto to accumulate for the highest staking yields? Explore this deep-dive into best crypto 2024.

In 2024, the crypto market is brimming with potential for those aiming to build a crypto-centric income portfolio.

Indeed, with significant events such as the next Bitcoin halving on the horizon, ditching the clichés of a traditional income portfolio, composed mainly of stocks and bonds, and instead integrating cryptocurrencies offers an innovative approach to revenue generation.

In this list of the best cryptos 2024 for income portfolios, explore and discover cryptos that don’t just ride the volatility wave but also bring home consistent returns.

But What Is An Income Portfolio?

An income portfolio is about picking assets that promise growth and stability, coupled with unique ways of earning passive yield or income.

This year, the spotlight is on three cryptocurrencies that stand out for their robust frameworks and potential to contribute to a diversified, income-generating portfolio.

These selections are based on their technological innovation, market resilience, and, importantly, their ability to turn the traditional concept of an income portfolio on its head – we’re not just chasing high yields here; we’re reshaping the income strategy with a crypto twist.

Best Crypto 2024? Explore These Income Portfolio Crypto To Accumulate

When assessing the best crypto 2024 for income portfolios, it’s important to provide consideration of the dual-effect of crypto asset value accrual and staking yield.

Indeed, these cryptos to accumulate aren’t just about chasing the highest ROI, but about identifying gems with significant growth potential too.

Crypto To Accumulate #3 – Ontology

Income portfolio crypto to accumulate for the highest staking yields? Explore this deep-dive into best crypto 2024.

Source: StakingRewards.com

Ontology (ONT)

is a layer-1 solution aiming to offer high-speed blockchain infrastructure for enterprise grade usage, with a particular focus on decentralized identities, cross-chain collaboration, and layer-2 scalability opportunities for Web3.

2023’s breakout ‘Chinese Narrative’ in Spring saw investor fervour for top Chinese cryptocurrencies explode amid sensation and excitement around Hong Kong’s apparent Beijing-sanctioned ambition to become the world’s leading crypto hub.

The well-positioned nature of the Ontology ecosystem has clearly caught the attention of income portfolio investors, looking at the 365-day ROI over the past year – a combination of +18.95% passive staking rewards and +44.1% price growth has landed holders with an alluring +71.41% return in 2023.

Crypto To Accumulate #2 – Polkadot (DOT)

Source: StakingRewards.com

Polkadot (DOT)

is a scalability focused layer-1 solution focused on empowering blockchain solutions with the power of para-chain technology, which not only enables developers to deploy smart contracts, but also provides developers the power to adjust the underlying blockchain themselves.

Investor excitement is growing following the announcement of an upcoming major shift by the new CEO of Web3 Foundation (the company behind Polkadot). Fabian Gompf said in a recent interview that Polkadot’s para-chain ecosystem ‘will fundamentally change at the … start of next year [2024]” – promoting big hopes for things to come.

This change is posited to be Polkadot 2.0, which was first laid out in vision by former CEO Gavin Woods.

Shifting attention to DOT performance across 2023, the 365-day ROI has seen a massive boost from +58.25% value growth, alongside an alluring income portfolio potential stemming from +19.12% staking returns (delivering an overall portfolio return of +88.51%).

Crypto To Accumulate #1 – Cosmos (ATOM)

Income portfolio crypto to accumulate for the highest staking yields? Explore this deep-dive into best crypto 2024.

Source: StakingRewards.com

Cosmos (ATOM)

forms the backbone infrastructure to an entire ecosystem of blockchains, with the stated aim of creating a so-called ‘Internet of Blockchains’ that delivers seamless data sharing and transactions cross-chain within the Cosmos ecosystem.

Recent price action has been bolstered by progressive moves by the ever-growing Cosmos community, with investor’s interest triggered by an ongoing community proposal to drop the minimum inflation rate for Cosmos’ native token ATOM to 0% – removing future supply increases.

A look at Cosmos’ 356-Day ROI reveals the appetite behind this exciting project, with defiant high APY staking returns fuelling +7.39% ROI growth over the past year, despite -11.24% price performance fuelled by ATOM’s supply schedule. With an alluring low-entry point and a high staking return – this one lands at the top of our Cryptos to Accumulate listing.

Alternative Low-Cap Cryptos To Accumulate For High Risk Income Portfolio

For investors seeking a more dramatic return on their investments, some higher risk plays emerge from recent viral presales – boasting jaw-dropping staking APYs.

High Risk Play #2 – Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX)

In a revolutionary move, aiming to shake up increased centralization of Bitcoin mining pools, Bitcoin Minetrix has emerged with break-out success in presale as investors have rushed to raise more than $8m in capital.

Part of the appeal of this skyrocketing project is the opportunity for retail investors to participate in Bitcoin Cloud Mining, enabling ERC-20 investors to pool their funds together to create a large Bitcoin mining pool – with staked tokens receiving a share of rewards.

Boasting a current APY staking return of 78%, the BTCMTX token isn’t one to be missed by a high risk income portfolio.

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High Risk Play #1 – Meme Kombat (MK)

Income portfolio crypto to accumulate for the highest staking yields? Explore this deep-dive into best crypto 2024.

With viral success already shaking up the GameFi sector, Meme Kombat has become a community favorite due to it’s promise of high-octane ‘staking battles’ that aim to pit deeply tribalistic crypto communities against each other.

Ever wondered which is better Doge or Shiba Inu? Meme Kombat is here to settle the score by encouraging communities to stake MK tokens in rival staking pots; offering big rewards to winning communities.

This model has clearly resonated with meme coin investors, driving the viral presale to a jaw-dropping $6.7m raised. But the real beauty of this project is in the staking APY offering to income portfolio investors, currently standing at an unrivalled 141% APY – don’t miss out.

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