AI Coins Pumping: Turbo, The Graph, WienerAI Among Top Gainers

Crypto traders can’t get enough of AI coins lately.

Several tokens focused on artificial intelligence have been pumping hard this week, with price movements that have turned heads.

From indexing protocols to AI-powered meme coins, these projects are clearly striking a chord with investors.

Turbo – The Viral Meme Coin Project Created by AI

The first AI coin that’s been supercharged this week is the aptly named Turbo (TURBO).

This meme coin has crypto traders buzzing, with its price rocketing by 38% in the past 24 hours to hit $0.00107.

However, that’s just a fraction of TURBO’s epic run.

Zooming out to the daily chart, TURBO has more than doubled in value, racking up a 100%+ gain in the last seven days.

The buying pressure has also caused 24-hour spot trading volumes to surge – up 153% to $37.1 million at the time of writing.

For a token that started as an experiment by GPT-4 to “create the next great meme coin,” Turbo is quickly becoming more than just another joke crypto.

With a capped supply of 69 billion tokens and a growing list of CEX listings, Turbo is again proving that no-utility meme coins can be highly profitable for early backers.

The Graph Rallies as AI Token Hype Builds

Another AI crypto that’s been making moves is The Graph (GRT).

This blockchain data indexing protocol has seen its price surge over 13% in the past day to $0.306

Moreover, the GRT token is up 22% in the past week alone.

GRT is now in the top 50 most traded cryptocurrencies globally by spot volumes, following a 79% spike over the last 24 hours.

But what’s driving all this hype?

Although The Graph isn’t an AI project per se, it provides crucial infrastructure for powering AI applications on major blockchains like Ethereum.

By organizing and indexing blockchain data into queryable subgraphs, The Graph essentially acts as the “Google” for decentralized info.

This data accessibility has become increasingly important for developers building AI-powered dApps that require clean datasets.

As such, over the long term, The Graph’s protocol could be vital to unlocking AI’s full potential in areas like DeFi, NFTs, gaming, and more.

Investors are clearly betting big on this potential – as evidenced by GRT’s price pump this week.

AI-Powered Meme Coin WienerAI Turns Heads with Trading Bot & Staking Utility

Last but not least is WienerAI (WAI), which is bringing AI to the world of meme coins in a unique way.

Despite its hilarious branding, WienerAI has some serious utility under the hood.

Its main feature is an advanced AI trading bot touted as the “pinnacle of AI trading technology” by the creators.

The bot uses predictive algorithms to scan the crypto market and identify potential big gainers based on a trader’s criteria.

For example, a trader could ask WienerAI to find the most promising low-cap gems, and the bot would analyze the market to deliver tailored investment opportunities.

Yet WienerAI offers much more than just a fancy trading tool.

It also has a lucrative staking protocol, through which WAI holders can earn annual yields of 662% by staking their tokens.

This combination of AI prowess and staking opportunities has attracted significant attention from retail investors.

Since going live last month, WienerAI’s presale has raised over $1.4 million in funding.

Even several well-known YouTube personalities have thrown their weight behind the project.

Most notably, crypto analyst ClayBro said that WAI could be “the next 10x meme coin” if all goes to plan.

Overall, WienerAI seems to have all the tools needed to become a hit in the meme coin space.

And investors will be keeping a close eye on the project ahead of the DEX listings that are in the works for once the presale ends.

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