Bitcoin and Trading Obsession Take Center Stage in ‘Bull Run’ Crypto Documentary

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The world of film is embracing blockchain technology and the opportunities it brings to decentralize the investment process. 

With the ability to tokenize projects and involve individuals in the financial outcomes of films, blockchain offers transparency and efficiency that was previously unavailable. 

One such film that explores this intersection is “Bull Run,” a Spanish documentary that had its international premiere at the Doc NYC documentary film festival in New York City.

Directed by Ana Ramón Rubio, “Bull Run” claims to be “the first tokenized film in history.” 

In September 2021, the documentary raised 320,000 euros (approximately $370,000) in just 24 hours through tokenization. 

Producer Juanjo Moscardó described the process as a game-changer, comparing it to the traditional method of raising funds for films, which can take years. 

Investors in the film were given BULL tokens, which are security tokens representing the film’s debt and granting certain rights to its profits. 

Holders of these tokens are entitled to a percentage of the profits distributed via blockchain, as well as other benefits such as invitations to premieres and producer credits. 

The top investor was even given 60 seconds of airtime in the film to say whatever they wanted, with the footage being incorporated at various points throughout.

Bull Run Documentary Captures Emotional Journey During a Bull Market

“Bull Run” captures the essence of the emotional journey experienced during a bull market. 

Rubio, the director, became addicted to trading and the exhilarating gains it offered. 

Despite facing criticism and skepticism from her family, she decided to make a documentary exploring her trading obsession. 

The film not only delves into the basics of blockchain technology but also provides insights from prominent Spanish-speaking crypto personalities.

Detrás de cámaras del rodaje de “Bull Run”🤑 junto al equipazo que ha trabajado para poder hacer posible este revolucionario proyecto en compañía de grandes invitados🤩🚀🎥 #bullrunlapelicula #bullrun #bitcoin #cripto #tothemoon

— Bull Run (@Bullrunlapeli) November 12, 2021

The documentary takes a meta approach, focusing on Rubio’s personal journey and the creation of the film itself. 

It reveals how her trading obsession infiltrated her daily life, even during interviews. 

In one scene, while being interviewed by Miguel Ángel González, host of the Bitcoin (BTC) al Día YouTube channel, Rubio discreetly passes her phone to a team member who continues trading for her in the background.

While “Bull Run” maintains a light-hearted and humorous tone, it also touches on the impact of Rubio’s trading addiction on her relationships, particularly with her husband. 

The film showcases the highs and lows of the crypto market, following Rubio’s realization of the speculative nature of crypto assets and her subsequent exploration of how Bitcoin and blockchain technology are being used globally to improve people’s lives and disrupt centralized systems.

As the film progresses, Rubio’s perspective on crypto evolves. 

She now identifies as a Bitcoin believer and acknowledges the potential of other interesting projects but remains uncertain about their future. 

Rubio views Bitcoin as a promising asset and admits to being a holder for the time being.

Looking ahead, Rubio ponders whether she will succumb to the trading addiction again when the next bull run arrives. 

“I don’t know if in 2025, when a new bull run starts, if I will be a little bit more of a trader. Let’s see how this addiction is handled.”

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