BTC Dip to $40K Could Send Alts Falling by 20-30%; Can GFOX Provide a Safety Net from Volatility?

A market sell-off of Bitcoin (BTC) has pushed fear into the buoyant sentiment, deflating the mood. A BTC drop to $40,000 could see alts fall by 20-30%. Greyscale Bitcoin Trust sellers seem to be the main culprits.

There is still plenty of sell pressure to be absorbed into the order books. The question is if up-and-coming projects like Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) can provide a safety net from the volatility.

Bitcoin ($BTC): A Potential Drop To $40,000, Havoc For Altcoins

A market-wide sell-off of Bitcoin driven by GBTC holders and Barry Silbert pushes $BTC’s price closer and closer to $40,000. If Bitcoin loses this level of support, it could easily shoot down lower. Bitcoin losing this much ground might also see alts take a nosedive and lose even more than they have already. But why are GBTC holders selling?

Many arbitraged the discount between $BTC’s spot price and the price of GBTC. Traders could essentially buy $BTC at a discount, betting on the fact that one day, GBTC would be converted to a Spot ETF. That day has come and profits are being taken, essentially pushing the discount to NAV to 0%

Bitcoin falling signals overall weak sentiment, and risk-appetite dwindles practically overnight. Traders sell off their riskier positions, and altcoins start tanking, which leads to a negative knock-on effect of more investors and traders cutting their positions.

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX): An Up-and-Coming Project

Galaxy Fox offers investors a safe harbor during this volatile period but also carries certain risks. The fact is, however, that for the time of the presale, the funds are locked and do not succumb to the ongoing volatility.

$GFOX has a very unique market positioning. This next-gen hybrid has combined memecoin economics with play-to-earn functionality. Galaxy Fox’s runner game is being developed to pay out prizes to the top-ranked players at the end of each season. And the token burn guarantees a constantly decreasing total supply.

According to numerous analysts, narrative trades will be ones to watch during 2024, and the rising interest in memecoin ownership gives $GFOX an interesting edge. The ongoing revitalization of the P2E sector is a second boost. Its rich ecosystem also includes passive income from staking rewards and deflationary tokenomics.

Presale participation has skyrocketed as market volatility grows.

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