Chainlink (LINK) Bounces but Are the Bulls Here? Everlodge (ELDG) Bringing Real-World Utility To The Blockchain

Chainlink’s price has bounced throughout the past 24 hours, and many traders are wondering if the bulls are finally stepping up. The cryptocurrency increased by over 3 percent, and it’s interesting to see where it will be headed next.

Meanwhile, Everlodge investors are eagerly anticipating the project’s launch, considering the hype and adoption that are being promised as part of its one-of-a-kind project approach.

Chainlink (LINK) And Where it Might be Headed Next

Apparently, the trading volume went up considerably in the last 24 hours. The cryptocurrency managed to book an increase of around 3.1% during the same period, which is a notable achievement.

LINK has been somewhat lagging behind some of the market leaders in the face of Bitcoin and Solana, for example. This has prompted many to question whether the LINK bulls are finally back in town.

The cryptocurrency is up only 6.5% over the past 30 days, which pales in comparison to what the rest of the market is going through.

Everlodge (ELDG) To Maintain Positive Momentum In the First Year of its Launch?

Due to its eccentric and first-of-a-kind approach to property ownership and real estate investment, Everlodge already has enough potential to garner a wide variety of investors to its platform, especially during the first year of its launch.

The attention is not just starting for Everlodge, as it has gone a long way in its presale and is now currently on its stage 8 token presale. Each token goes for $0.027.

This project is designed to utilize the NFTs and the virtual reality experience of Web3 to provide easy solutions and accessibility to home ownership of any kind and want.

The main thing about Everlodge is being able to own expensive villas and apartments or even large-scale properties in fractions. In other words, as a member of the ecosystem, you can own a fraction of a $100,000 villa for as low as $100. This eliminates the typical conventional way of needing to break the bank to own million-dollar homes.

Moving further, the main eye-catching feature is the mechanism of digitization. These homes, hotels, and luxury villas are digitized and transformed into non-fungible tokens, with all the ownership details, deeds, and paperwork stored in a smart contract. Then, they can now be fractionalized to enable co-ownership and low-price investment

The Everlodge token is another quirk that offers many utilities and incentives that involve governance, various discounts, staking in liquidity pools, transaction processing, and a variety of rewards and bonuses for active participants.

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