Green Bitcoin Presale Raises Over $1m for New Gamified Staking Project

Green Bitcoin has captured the crypto world’s attention with its groundbreaking gamified staking model, raising over $1 million in its ongoing presale.

With retail investors clamouring to get involved, could Green Bitcoin (GBTC) be poised for a wave of demand once it debuts on exchanges later this year?

Presale Buying Frenzy as Green Bitcoin Captivates Crypto Community

After hitting the $1 million milestone, Green Bitcoin has cemented itself as one of the most eagerly anticipated projects in the crypto ecosystem.

The project’s presale utilises a straightforward yet rewarding structure.

Investors can purchase GBTC, Green Bitcoin’s native token, using either ETH, USDT, or a credit/debit card.

These tokens can be staked instantly to earn passive income, with APYs reaching 261%.

It’s clear that the crypto community is impressed by the presale’s early success and the high staking rewards on offer – more than 3,300 people now follow Green Bitcoin’s Twitter page.

Conversations are also heating up in Green Bitcoin’s Telegram channel, where members are already speculating about how high GBTC’s value could rise once it makes its open market debut.

GBTC was even referenced in a recent video by YouTuber Crypto Boy, who highlighted the project’s eco-friendly principles and stellar roadmap.

What is Green Bitcoin & Why So Much Hype?

But what is Green Bitcoin, and why is the project attracting so much buzz?

The main reason is the project offers a fresh take on crypto mechanics by combining Bitcoin’s legacy with Ethereum’s sustainable architecture.

As an ERC-20 token, GBTC introduces a sustainable staking model called “Gamified Green Staking.”

This model allows users to earn passive income scaled to their investment size.

By participating in Bitcoin price predictions, earnings can be further enhanced while promoting community engagement.

Additionally, Green Bitcoin embodies eco-friendly values in numerous ways.

Firstly, its Proof-of-Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism requires just a fraction of the energy that’s required by Bitcoin mining.

Secondly, the “green” approach extends to the staking process itself – accurate predictions that land in a designated green zone trigger additional staking bonuses.

As outlined in Green Bitcoin’s whitepaper, the developers have allocated 27.5% of the total GBTC supply to staking rewards, which will be distributed gradually over two years.

Each day, this pool of GBTC is shared among accurate predictors, incentivizing regular engagement.

For long-term holders, extended staking periods unlock even more bonuses on their rewards.

Ultimately, whether participating daily, weekly, monthly, or bi-annually, Green Bitcoin offers a clear path to attractive returns.

Appealing Tokenomics & Roadmap Set Stage for Long-Term Growth

Transitioning to Green Bitcoin’s future, the development team has structured the project’s tokenomics and roadmap to balance rewards with organic growth.

The project’s tokenomics will see 40% of the supply allocated to presale buyers, giving early participants a chance to obtain a sizable stake in Green Bitcoin’s future.

As mentioned earlier, 27.5% of the supply will go towards staking incentives, with the remaining 32.5% focusing on marketing, exchange listings, and community-building initiatives.

This tokenomics structure sets the stage for long-term adoption and real-world impact.

Looking ahead, the project’s “Green Map” centres on enhancing the platform’s gamified features to make the staking experience even more rewarding.

The ultimate goal is to build a community united by eco-friendly values – all while allowing everyone to earn passive crypto income.

Notably, Green Bitcoin’s smart contracts recently underwent a comprehensive audit from blockchain security firm Coinsult.

With its security and reliability now verified, investors can engage in the presale with peace of mind.

Those interested in the presale can buy GBTC tokens for $0.492 – although this price will increase as funding milestones are met.

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