Major Bitcoin (BTC) Price Target for 2024: Michael Saylor Comments


  • Michael Saylor predicts Bitcoin could potentially 10x in value, bolstered by the 2024 halving event and a reduction in BTC selling pressure from miners.
  • Saylor emphasizes the potential of a Bitcoin spot ETF to attract institutional investors, which could significantly drive up Bitcoin’s price.
  • He advocates for a mature and stable crypto industry, citing the need for a shift away from speculative tokens towards Bitcoin, especially after Sam Bankman-Fried’s conviction for fraud.

In a recent interview with CNBC, MicroStrategy Chairman and Bitcoin magnate Michael Saylor said he believes Bitcoin can 10x from here on. However, such levels would require an unprecedented demand for the cryptocurrency —which seems possible given that several macro and technical events could boost BTC adoption in 2024.

Between those events is the halving, which will reduce 50% of the BTC mining rewards for miners, forcing miners to sell their stash of BTC to keep the lights on, Saylor noted.

“You’re going to see $12 billion of natural selling per year converted into $6 billion of natural selling a year—at the same time as things like spot Bitcoin ETFs increase the demand for Bitcoin.” Saylor stated.

These scenarios could drive an “unprecedented demand” for Bitcoin —contracting supply, buying pressure, and geopolitical tension coupled with global economic strains.

The Spot ETF Hype

Another crucial scenario Saylor spoke about is approving a Bitcoin spot ETF, which many investors are convinced will drive Wall Street and other institutional investors towards BTC. Interestingly, investment research firm Bernstein (previously an anti-Bitcoin firm) predicted that a future ETF could push prices north of $150,000 by 2025.

Going back to Saylor, he said this institutional wave will stabilize not only Bitcoin itself but the whole crypto industry, boosting BTC’s price even more.

“When banks and responsible custodians are managing #Bitcoin & the industry takes its eyes away from all of the shiny little tokens that have distracted & demolished shareholder value, I think the industry moves to the next level and we 10X from here.” @saylor to @SaraEisen

— Brad Mills 🔑⚡️ (@bradmillscan) November 2, 2023

The above segues into his comments on SBF and the current state of the industry.

Sam Bankman-Fried, who was recently found guilty of all seven charges, including two counts of wire fraud, was a major liability for Bitcoin —alongside the many crypto influencers and unreliable crypto custodians that were manipulating Bitcoin, he said.

“For the industry to move to the next level, we need to migrate to adult supervision. We need to rationalize away from the 100,000 crypto tokens that people are manipulating to bitcoin.”

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