New Solana Presale SEAL Raises $2.5M – Next BOME?

Move over Book of Meme – a new Solana meme coin is turning heads.

With over $2.5 million raised in its presale so far, seal-themed Sealana (SEAL) has traders wondering whether it can follow in BOME’s footsteps and be Solana’s next breakout star.

Sealana – The New Meme Coin with a Unique Seal-Themed Design

Put simply, Sealana is a new meme coin hosted on the Solana chain – but with a different spin than the dog and cat tokens that investors are all too familiar with.

Instead of that same-old design, Sealana features a chubby seal character with a South Park-inspired aesthetic.

That novelty factor alone has turned heads in the market.

But when coupled with Sealana’s impressive presale numbers, it has all the makings of a potential meme coin success story.

Over $2.5 million in funding has already been raised, which is impressive for a project that has done zero marketing beyond posting memes on its Twitter page.

Investors can buy SEAL tokens for just $0.022 – expected to be a discount on the eventual DEX listing price.

There’s no whitepaper, roadmap, or promise of offering unique use cases with Sealana.

It’s a “pure” meme coin, similar to recent trending tokens, like dogwifhat (WIF).

Yet that hasn’t stopped Sealana from attracting enormous retail attention before its public market launch.

Hype Around SEAL Rises After Token Receives Influencer Backing

Sealana is also generating hype beyond its huge presale numbers.

For example, SEAL has received strong endorsements from big names in the crypto space.

These include shout-outs from Cryptonews, Jacob Bury, and ClayBro on YouTube.

That level of backing has translated into a rapidly growing online community.

Over 5,200 people have piled into Sealana’s Telegram group before the token has even hit exchanges.

Speaking of exchanges, the enormous presale demand has prompted to rank SEAL as the #2 hottest upcoming crypto launch.

That rating could be enough to spark a wave of demand once SEAL makes its long-awaited open market debut.

And given the level of success that previous meme coin launches have seen, even those that didn’t complete a presale phase, SEAL’s DEX listing is shaping up to be a potentially massive event.

Can SEAL Follow in Book of Meme’s Footsteps?

Now, onto the million-dollar question – can Sealana be the next BOME?

There are certainly parallels between the two tokens.

Like BOME, SEAL hasn’t focused on utility but instead aims to use meme power to fuel price growth.

It’s presale numbers and social media traction highlight that this strategy is working so far.

Then there’s the shared Solana backbone, which provided the foundation for BOME’s 5,000% rally in the first three days of going live on Raydium.

Although BOME’s price did drop significantly after this peak, it has remained one of the largest meme coins on Solana ever since.

Additionally, Book of Meme’s creators reportedly raised $100 million in presale funds before the token’s launch.

Although SEAL may not hit that level of fundraising, the fact that it’s already pulled in millions with any serious marketing push is a good sign.

At the time of writing, BOME’s market cap is an enormous $913 million, with the token priced at $0.013.

If SEAL can capture even a fraction of that energy, it would make it another major success story in the Solana meme coin ecosystem.

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