Binance Recovers $4.4 Billion in Digital Assets for Users Amid Deposit Errors

Binance has successfully retrieved $4.4 billion worth of digital assets for its users who made errors in their deposits over the past two years.

Various reasons, such as inputting incorrect wallet addresses, depositing tokens that are not compatible, and issues arising from blockchain updates, can lead to mishandling of funds.

Mishandled Deposits Recovered

In 2022 and 2023, Binance resolved 381,616 cases where users deposited crypto assets that were not credited to their accounts. Binance stated this week:

“To nurture the ecosystem’s growth in its still-early period, industry leaders like Binance should use their reach and resources to lend support to other participants of the emerging marketplace, protecting users and upholding the integrity of the space.”

Binance’s chief security officer, Jimmy Su, had previously said that fund mishandling is likely to continue, especially with newcomers entering the market. The exec added,

“This is part of the maturing process for the industry. The majority of the beginners will have a lot of challenges in terms of operating their wallet in a secure way.”

Binance’s latest actions at this time hold considerable significance, especially in light of recent developments. US District Court Judge Richard Jones in Washington’s Western District approved the firm’s $4.3 billion plea agreement with the US Department of Justice (DOJ).

The DOJ announced the settlement last November, accusing Binance of breaching sanctions and anti-money laundering regulations over several years. Per the settlement, Binance would pay $4.3 billion, engage an independent compliance monitor, and see its then-CEO and founder, CZ, resign.

CZ pleaded guilty to money laundering and was granted release on a bail bond of $175 million. As part of the agreement, the exec paid a $50 million fine and has stayed in the US since then, unable to return to his residence in Dubai.

Crisis in Nigeria

Amidst significant regulatory hurdles in several jurisdictions, Binance encountered turmoil in Nigeria as authorities detained at least two employees as part of an investigation into market manipulation. This was confirmed by the Office of the National Security Adviser (ONSA).

Meanwhile, Binance dropped the Nigerian currency, the naira, from its peer-to-peer (P2P) service. This came a week after Presidential adviser Bayo Onanuga alleged that the crypto exchange had manipulated Nigeria’s fiat currency, exacerbating its depreciation in the forex market. These claims surfaced amidst rumors that the government was contemplating a ban.

Binance later refuted the accusations.

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